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Building Your eCommerce Business

There are many challenges when starting a business, especially an e-commerce one. Companies today need to build a brand backed by a strategy that will resonate with clients and influence them, ultimately outperforming the competition. 

Your Brand & Customer Goals

Customers pay attention to more than your name, even though basic branding like your name and logo can affect how customers perceive you. They generally are looking for one or more of the following:

  • Unique and quality product
  • Straightforward purchasing experience
  • Timeliness to receive the product
  • Great customer service
  • Reputation


Once you have a name and a well-functioning business model, you need to expand your reach and attract customers. This means doing more than just using your website to sell your product. Consider having a website or social media page where you can showcase your products, promotions, and even the fulfillment process that makes your business unique. The increasing popularity that social media platforms are receiving is worth leveraging to catch the attention of new and returning customers. 

Packaging and Presentation

While offering seamless and fast shipping is a great plus, packaging and presentation play a huge role in the first impression your customer receives from your company. Customers also look for consistency. They want to ensure whenever they order from you, the delivery and product will be at the same standards. You can always include a leave-behind or survey card to increase your online reputation and ensure you are on top of any feedback. 


Do not feel like you have to do this all by yourself. To meet the demands of customers while still focusing on other essential aspects of your business, you must have a third-party fulfillment company like Kable by your side to help manage, fulfill and customize a plan for your business.