Our commitment to Quality and Continuous Improvement is paramount in delivering our clients’ brand experience.

For over six decades, we’ve focused on building quality customer relationships focused on longevity and exceeding expectations. As each year passes, we’ve become increasingly self-aware–evaluating our methods, workflow, plans, and implementing strategies to further exceed customer expectations. Not only do we provide service to our client, but it’s our goal to do so with an exceptional added value as well. We track our benchmarks well and constantly look for ways to improve.

Our process, technology, and people

Standard Operating Procedures

Kable Product Services has documented Standard Operating Procedures (SOP’s) following ISO guidelines. Employees are trained and tested on SOP’s when they are implemented and/or revised.

Logs and corrective actions

A log is maintained by the Quality Department when non-conformances occur. A root cause analysis is conducted for reported non-conformances that identify both short-term and long-term corrective actions. The corrective actions are monitored to ensure they are implemented as identified.

Routine quality checks

Kable Product Services performs routine quality checks to match items to orders as well as random process audits to ensure internal processes are followed.

Process adherence and quality control

Each department has their respective supervisor and line lead that QC the processes daily to catch any quality issues so we can correct them immediately and follow Kable Product Services processes.

Quality check protocols

Order processing

All orders are processed using RF equipment that requires scanning of location and item for verification.

Post picking

Post picking, we have a scan verification process where each order is QC’ed to ensure accuracy before packout is performed.


After packout we randomly pull completed orders off the line and open them for review/QC audit based on client business rules. We do this to ensure the proper items/qty match the order as well as how the items are packed.

KPI measurement

All KPI’s are affected by quality control and are measured and reported on regularly by the department/line lead based on SOP or the client’s business rules.
Standard KPIs would be dock to stock, inventory accuracy, order turn time, order pick accuracy, and returns processing.

Kable Product Services is committed to cultivating long-term customer relationships based on trust, the highest quality service, and a living plan for continuous improvement.

If you have any questions related to our quality assurance best practices, please contact us by calling (800) 596-0030 or fill out our form to have one of our representatives contact you.