Accessories Fulfillment Services

If you’ve chosen to open your business as an eCommerce retailer specializing in accessory sales, you’ve unlocked a rewarding market that’s expected to show growth annually.

The accessory fulfillment industry contains many variables, making it unique to merchants.

Accessory sales trends change frequently based on what’s new, notable, and in fashion. This type of product turnover requires very focused effort and a warehouse management system and team that can attend to the fast-paced environment. 

There are many fulfillment options for running an eCommerce-based accessory store.

Kable Product Services is an experienced, industry-leading 3PL partner who can handle your accessory fulfillment needs so that you can focus on other core areas of your business.

Handbag Box

Handbag Fulfillment

Handbags are a sought after accessory that can vary greatly in quality and demand. Sometimes authentication is even required.

As an eCommerce merchant specializing in accessories, you’ll also find that handbags are an item driven primarily by personal preference. Therefore, stocking many different options may be necessary to keep your business thriving.

We understand that in-house storage and fulfillment may be tricky, given the need for all of these different products and order configuration demands.

Kable Product Services is here to help make the process easier and reduce the margin for error. We provide fulfillment services that will ensure your handbag inventory makes it from “add to cart” to “delivered” seamlessly.

Jewelry Box

Jewelry fulfillment

Managing an eCommerce store that focuses on jewelry—either fine or fashion items—will require extra care when it comes to warehouse management, inventory tracking, and returns processing.

Jewelry is a rapidly increasing market, and customers are selective about the merchandise received. Jewelry options may range from necklaces to rings, bracelets, earrings, and more.

Additional options for jewelry are the material it is made out of.  Is it silver, gold, platinum, or a plated metal? Will you offer costume jewelry or something more unique like moissanite? These attributes add another layer to inventory tracking and management.

It’s critically important that each piece of jewelry is tracked and handled professionally to reduce the likelihood of mistakes or damage.

Likewise, when a customer initiates a return, it’s very important that each piece is inspected and deemed “original quality” or placed in a quarantined, non-pickable bin location if defects are present.

Kable Product Services understands that this is a time-consuming part of fulfillment, and we are here to help alleviate that burden from our eCommerce clients.

Kable Product Services accessory fulfillment services

Kable Product Services provides full-spectrum logistics to its eCommerce partners.

It’s our responsibility to take care of your inventory items the same way your business would handle them.

Fulfilling accessory orders

When orders are placed through your eCommerce store or sales channel, we receive the transaction data, and the process is completely hands-off for you.

Our warehouse professionals handpick each item included in the order and transition everything to packaging.

Packaging accessory orders

Our packaging process includes carefully arranging each item in a high-quality mailer or box. After orders are checked and packaged, they are sealed and labeled for shipment.

Once an item is ready to go, it’s handed off to one of our trusted shipping partners for the last part of the delivery process. We can also rate shop outbound orders to ensure the most cost-effective shipping method is utilized for package delivery.

While Kable Product Services does not design or provide custom packaging, we are happy to use yours while fulfilling orders from your eCommerce sales.

When customers choose to shop your brand, it’s often because there’s something about your message or delivery that sets you apart from other vendors.

We’ll help you complete your customers’ brand experience with your custom boxes, inserts, tags, or labels.

Order transparency

When you choose Kable Product Services as a fulfillment partner, we are committed to providing you with full transparency through each step of product fulfillment.

Our intelligent warehouse management system is designed to track your order, inventory, and returns to ensure that you are updated throughout the process.

Our warehouse management system directly integrates with your chosen sales platform to ensure sales data syncs up with total accuracy. This system allows you to understand how much inventory is on-hand, what needs to be re-ordered, set product re-order points, and get visibility into order status.

Accessory Kitting and Bundling

Kable Product Services also provides kitting and bundling options.

Many online merchants experience improved revenue figures when items are offered together as a bundle. This process brings several items typically purchased together under one SKU—making for an effortless upsell.

Kable Product Services is proud to be your partner in 3PL fulfillment.

We understand that a frictionless fulfillment solution is critical to the vitality of your business.

We’d love to speak with you about how Kable Product Services’ accessory fulfillment can benefit your eCommerce store.

Please contact us by calling (800) 596-0030 or filling out our contact form.