Consumer Electronics Fulfillment Services

Electronics fulfillment is a very fast-paced, ever-changing industry. Not only are there many types of consumer electronics brands, but there are also endless variables within the types of electronics as well.

While any industry requires order accuracy, the electronics fulfillment industry requires special attention, as consumer electronics are based highly on personal preference and technical needs such as serialized tracking, etc.

Strict inventory management is also a requirement as products may vary by type, color, internal storage capacity, functionality, quality, etc. In addition, the electronics industry requires a very secure environment to prevent theft and loss.

If your products are slow to ship or back-ordered, remember another supplier is just a few clicks away. It’s imperative to exceed the value of your competitors when it comes to providing order fulfillment.

Kable Product Services has constructed an environment that meets and exceeds customer needs relative to electronics fulfillment solutions.

Our solutions allow you, the e-commerce operator, to enjoy the day-to-day aspects of running and growing your business, leaving the complexities of warehousing and fulfillment to us.  Ultimately, reducing your operational costs.

Shipping challenges for consumer electronics brands


High number of SKUs

A high number of SKUs requires laser-focused tracking and transparency throughout the entire fulfillment process.

Kable Product Services has extensive experience managing complex inventory requirements. Our warehouse management software allows Kable Product Services’ staff members to organize items, pick and pack with ease, professionally package items, and process returns in a way that’s efficient and accurate, providing you full transparency.


Secure warehouse storage

As a retailer in the consumer electronics industry, you already know that electronics are very susceptible to theft. As a result, maintaining a secure camera-monitored storage facility is non-negotiable when it comes to consumer electronics fulfillment services.

Creating a completely secure space for in-house fulfillment may be cost prohibitive and challenging to provide the level of security necessary.

Kable Product Services provides its partners with highly secure warehouse space that’s monitored and tracked to guarantee ultimate security and transparency. Keeping your electronics inventory safe and secure is an utmost priority for our team.

Technology Updates

Technology improvements and outdated products

Technology upgrades happen daily. As a result, you will be able to manage  and track order status, inventory levels. And PO’s very closely.

Turnover happens very quickly in this industry, so items must also be ordered and marketed in such a way that they are only in the fulfillment center for the minimum amount of time necessary.

New model releases happen constantly, so it’s important not to overstock and then be left with stale inventory.

What to consider in an electronics fulfillment company

Tracking Checklist


Accuracy is vital in any market, but consumer electronics may pose more variables than other industries, making fulfillment more complex.

Kable Product Systems uses intelligent electronics fulfillment solution that tracks every piece of the inventory we house, as well as each step of any transaction.

Inventory management

Inventory management

Technology changes quickly, so the supply chain has to turn over inventory quickly as well.

Kable Product Services staffs warehousing professionals who know our 200,000-square foot warehouse inside and out.

Our integrated warehouse management software makes managing inventory simple and highly accurate, providing a better customer experience overall. This inventory management software provides valuable insight related to order status, inventory control, and other valuable metrics that contribute to the bottom line of your business.


Reverse logistics and returns management

Around 20.8% of e-commerce orders eventually end up being processed as returns.*

While fulfilling accurate orders is a critical component of e-commerce sales, return processing is also just as important. Our warehouse management software directly integrates with your Returns Management platform in an effort to simplify return processing and reverse logistics.

When a customer initiates a return, the process of reversing fulfillment begins. Items will be received back at our warehouse to be inspected and scanned back into inventory or discarded/recycled depending on the condition and reason for return.

Processing returns in-house can take a lot of time; therefore, working with a 3PL provider like Kable Product Services is a smart solution.

We make sure that any return orders are processed properly or repackaged and re-tagged in such a way that they are restocked in perfect original condition. It’s our commitment to providing a positive customer experience from the start of a transaction through delivery and any need for returns.


System Integration

Our intelligent warehouse management software covers every dimension of the fulfillment process.

This system directly integrates with your platform to provide you with transparency through the entire process of fulfillment. Your customers begin the fulfillment journey from your e-commerce site; from there, our team is dispatched to pick and pack the order, send it to packaging, and transition the order to one of our trusted shipping partners.

Our software communicates with your platform every step of the way, and you receive full transparency throughout the process. This allows you to stay on top of the fulfillment process and inventory but also gives you the freedom to run other parts of your business while we handle the heavy lifting that comes along with fulfillment.

Consumer electronics fulfillment services with Kable Product Services

Kable Product Services offers customers a very spacious and secure environment to stock inventory and process it for fulfillment.

Our 200,000-square-foot warehouse is monitored so that your products–no matter the size or value–will be protected and tracked with our intelligent warehouse monitoring system. Our web-based inventory management system provides you with complete transparency through the entire supply chain process.

We would love to discuss your needs as a consumer electronics retailer. Speak with one of our industry experts by calling (800) 596-0030 or fill out our form to receive a customized solution.  

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