E-commerce Order Fulfillment Service Provider

Understanding what to look for in an eCommerce fulfillment provider is the essential first step to selecting the best solution for your growing business. 

A reliable, results-driven, and accurate eCommerce fulfillment warehouse is the link between your online sales and satisfied customers. It’s the support system for all your marketing efforts, eCommerce transactions, and brand experience.  

Without a reliable and timely ecommerce order fulfillment solution for your business, you reduce your ability to increase sales and grow a loyal customer base. 

Kable Product Services is a one of the world-class ecommerce fulfillment companies offering flexible, scalable, and competitively priced ecommerce fulfillment solutions to help your business generate more revenue and reach more customers.

Fulfillment Floor

What Is eCommerce Fulfillment Services?

Simply put, eCommerce fulfillment service is the process of delivering your online products to your customers. It’s the main driver of your customers receiving their orders accurately and on time.

As your sales increase, there quickly becomes a point where in-house fulfillment is no longer viable or efficient. The amount of resources and capital required to keep up with incoming orders starts to eat into your profit.

That’s where our eCommerce fulfillment solutions shine.

By partnering with Kable Product Services, we eliminate the demand on your internal shipping capabilities and free you up to get back to working on your business.

As your eCommerce fulfillment partner, we take the stress out of the most critical step in the order process by handling everything from storage and shipping to returns processing, restocking, and refurbishment.

Our ecommerce fulfillment services are designed to ensure your customers receive their orders quickly and accurately. If it’s time for you to move from in-house fulfillment to a 3PL partner, we can guide your business through the process, making the transition seamless and cost-effective.

For businesses looking for reliable ecommerce fulfillment companies, Kable Product Services stands out as a leader. Our ecommerce fulfillment warehouse is equipped to handle large volumes of orders efficiently.

The eCommerce order fulfillment process

The eCommerce order fulfillment process is broken down into five main steps. Accuracy at each step ensures smooth transactions for your valued customers.


Receiving in inventory

In this step, we receive in your inventory, verify counts, check for product damage, and scan it into our system. Your client dashboard updates with real-time, in-stock quantities.


Stocking your inventory

After your inventory has been received and scanned in, we strategically stock it in our eCommerce fulfillment warehouse to maximize fulfillment speed and accuracy.


Order picking

After your customer places an online order, we receive the order in our warehouse management system and pick the purchased items from their stored locations.


Order Packing

Once the order is picked, it makes its way over to our packing department. Here our team members prepare and determine the optimal size packaging for the order to reduce your overall shipping costs.


Order shipping

Once your customer’s order is packed, we stage it to be shipped out to its final destination. Our centralized, Midwest ecommerce fulfillment warehouse is only a one to two-day delivery to the majority of the zip codes in the contiguous U.S. Kable Product Services can rate shop to ensure the most cost-effective ship method is utilized.

Integrated 3PL fulfillment solutions

When partnering with a 3PL fulfillment provide for e-commerce fulfillment services, it’s crucial to ensure their capabilities seamlessly integrate with your system. Otherwise, orders can get lost, inventory levels can be inaccurate, and the entire process becomes unreliable.

Kable Product Services offers worry-free full integration with your eCommerce cart, CRM, and ERP allowing us to accurately fulfill your orders in minimal time. Our client portal gives your real-time access to all your order data and business activity 24X7. As one of the leading ecommerce fulfillment companies, we provide comprehensive fulfillment services for ecommerce, ensuring your ecommerce order fulfillment process is efficient and reliable.

Our ecommerce fulfillment warehouse is equipped with the latest technology, offering robust ecommerce fulfillment solutions tailored to your business needs.

Our platform integrates with the leading eCommerce shopping carts, CRMs, ERPs, and shipping APIs such as:

Ecommerce Order Fulfillment costs

All  ecommerce fulfillment companies have their own unique pricing model. Understanding how these supply chain costs impact your profit margin is crucial when selecting a reliable fulfillment services for ecommerce business.

As a 3PL provider, your success is our success. We work with you to structure a fair price tailored to your short-term and long-term business needs.

Our competitive rates and centrally located distribution center maximize the value of every dollar you spend.

Fulfillment warehouse locations

When selecting an eCommerce fulfillment partner, it’s critical to choose one that is close to the majority of your customers and has competitively priced shipping solutions.

Consumer expectations are driving the demand for faster delivery times. Choosing the wrong ecommerce fulfillment service can negatively impact customer satisfaction and lead to loss of market share to competitors.

Kable Transit Time Map

Our Primary Warehouse—Cincinnati, OH

Our main ecommerce fulfillment warehouse is located in Cincinnati, Ohio.

From this strategic, Midwest location, transit times are only one to two days to the majority of zip codes in the contiguous U.S.

This gives us the ability to deliver your products to your customer quicker and at a lower cost.

Warehouse storage and solutions

When choosing an ecommerce fulfillment warehouse, you need a partner that can easily accommodate your growth plans as your business scales.

Our Cincinnati, OH warehouse is a premium facility that offers the following:

  • 206,000 sq. ft. of Class A storage
  • 14,000 storage locations
  • 10,000 sq. ft. of temperature controlled space
  • Caged and locked storage areas
  • CCTV monitored facility
  • Secure facility with electronic key card access

Order Processing

You’re relying on your ecommerce fulfillment services to quickly and accurately process your orders. Efficient order processing minimizes returns and maximizes customer satisfaction.

At Kable Product Services, our standard operating procedures and team-driven KPIs ensure your orders are fulfilled with speed and attention to detail. We also accommodate special branded packaging needs.

System integration and online reporting

Our client portal gives you access to all the data you need about your orders. Our 24×7 real-time interface gives you instant visibility of order processing, inventory levels, and critical business operational activities. Our goal is to provide transparency throughout the entire shipping and ecommerce fulfillment process.

Returns and accuracy standards

Returns can be a substantial bottleneck in your business operations. They take valuable time and resources to process requests, receive and restock products, and check for defects.

As a Kable Product Services client, we take care of the returns process for you. Your products are shipped back to our warehouse, where we receive, inspect, restock, and repackage your inventory.

As an ecommerce fulfillment service company, our goal is to minimize returns, and our quality control process includes weight checks, process audits, and random product inspections. This allows us to keep orders moving quickly and accurately.

Packaging for your eCommerce business

How you package your product is just as important as the product itself. With the wrong packaging, items can become damaged or destroyed during the shipping process.

As stewards of your brand, we want your products to arrive on time, in mint condition, and at a lower shipping cost to you.

Employee fulfilling orders at Kable Product Services.

Employee fulfilling orders at Kable Product Services

Package optimization

Package optimization is the process of storing and packing your products as safely and space-efficiently as possible.

We work with clients to ensure appropriate packaging is being used to avoid potential carrier surcharges.

Product consolidation

Another component of package optimization is product consolidation.

When a customer orders multiple items in a single order, we determine how to safely package all the items using the minimum number of boxes needed. This reduces your overall shipping and packaging costs per order.

Custom packaging solutions

The brand experience matters to your customer, and many businesses choose to use custom packaging. Including special package void fill, tissue paper, gift notes, inserts, etc.

As an eCommerce retailer, you can build a loyal brand following and gain market visibility with custom packaging that appeals to your target market.

At Kable Product Services, we can easily accommodate your custom packaging needs.

Supply your own custom packaging

We make it easy to manage your custom packaging solutions for your products.

We receive in your branded packaging directly from your manufacturer and store it with your products. As your orders are placed, we fulfill them according to your requirements and packaging specifications.

This gives you full control over your brand experience without adding additional steps to your in-house processes.

eCommerce Fulfillment Services vs. Dropshipping

eCommerce Fulfillment Services and dropshipping are often used interchangeably to describe partnerships between companies during the selling and shipping process. In reality, however, they’re two very different models for sellers.


With dropshipping, you have far less control over the products you sell. You never purchase any physical inventory or fulfill the orders for your customers.

Instead, when an order is placed with your store, you then order directly from the manufacturer, and they complete the order fulfillment.

This model can be helpful for sellers who are just getting started but significantly limits your business model.

You have no control over inventory or quality, and typically the margins are very low.


In contrast, when you use a fulfillment model, you retain ownership of your inventory and only outsource the storage and eCommerce order fulfillment.

In this model, when a customer makes a purchase, the fulfillment partner picks the items from inventory, packages them to your specifications, and ships them out.

As one of the trusted e-commerce fulfillment companies, Kable Product Services can help widen your margins and streamline the fulfillment process without taking away your control over the products you offer. Ultimately allowing you to significantly grow your business.

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