Subscription Box Fulfillment Services by Kable Fulfillment

Using the subscription box model is a great way to deliver quality products to customers on a recurring basis.

Some boxes are monthly, while other companies use a quarterly distribution schedule.

Regardless of your distribution schedule or box contents, choosing a reputable fulfillment partner, like Kable Product Services, is a great way to ramp up this service, providing an excellent return on investment. We understand the importance of a great unboxing experience.

Our team understands the challenges of providing flawless execution in the subscription box business model. Kable Product Services can assist with scalability and efficiency throughout the process during each distribution cycle.

We have a strong reputation in the world as one of the known subscription box fulfillment companies with leading brands and are here to help you ramp up by delivering a seamless subscription box experience for your customers.

Subscription Box

Understanding the subscription box fulfillment process

The subscription box fulfillment process starts before a single order is placed and packed.

Inventory management is the biggest challenge for subscription box services.

Any fulfillment partner you choose should offer superior distribution services and data that syncs with your internal systems. Our client portal will provide essential data points related to your orders.

Our 24×7 interface gives you real-time results regarding inbound receiving’s, order processing, inventory management, and operational activities. We strive to provide clarity and connection throughout the entire shipping and fulfillment process.

This helps you calculate estimated order volumes and stock up on any products that might run low. You’ll also be able to select any newly curated items well ahead of time to allow room for order and delivery.

A reputable fulfillment partner will offer solutions that allow clients to get back into the practice of growing and managing a business while leaving the time-consuming logistics of packaging, quality control, and order execution to the experts.

Types of subscriptions

Not all subscription plans are created equal. There are various options to choose from when deciding how your package will look.

The subscription model you select will be relative to your fulfillment partner’s shipping and fulfillment process.

Let’s take a look at a few options and considerations for each type.


A curated subscription box changes every cycle.

In this type, you send a new selection to the subscribers each month. Customers love the variation of products each month, making their box a new and exciting experience they look forward to opening.

Curated boxes can be challenging to execute.

If you’re considering this approach, you’ll need to be prepared to offer an evolving range of products that can be efficiently sourced and secured before each shipping schedule.

You’ll also need a shipping partner that communicates effectively and transparently to provide a high level of quality control regarding meeting client expectations.


Clients who choose a replenishment approach to subscription services will ship products on a routine schedule determined by your business or, in many cases, the customer’s preference.

This process often looks like weekly, monthly, quarterly, or bi-annual shipments.

This subscription box model gains notoriety for disposable products like razor blades, makeup products, supplements, and even diapers.

Fulfillment considerations are more hands-off for this box type; the product type rarely changes, but variations are still commonly available.


Access boxes provide the ultimate customer experience.

This box type is typically promoted as a VIP product.

The contents are usually exclusive to subscribers and may be coupled with deals for related add-on purchases.

Understanding factors that affect subscriptions

All subscription models come with a unique set of challenges.

It’s essential to be prepared and understand what’s necessary through each step of the process. Below are a few of the significant factors that expand on understanding.

Order frequency

How often will you send out your box? Will it be every month? Every three months? Will subscribers be able to choose?

Frequent orders mean more revenue, but they also create more challenges—inventory logistics, keeping the packaging materials in stock, and coming up with new and unique items if you’re selling a curated box.

Shipping dates and cutoff times

Some subscription fulfillment services choose to send every box out simultaneously on the same date.

However, suppose you’re selling replenishment boxes. In that case, you’ll probably want to mail packages out on a schedule that matches each customer.

Some subscription items, a particular food or personal care pieces, are time sensitive and need to ship out on a regular, timely schedule.

You’ll also need to decide on an order cutoff time. When is the latest that a customer could subscribe to and get the most recent box?

Establishing this piece of your subscription box program will ensure that inventory is in stock and ready for your 3PL partner to fulfill.

Shipping location

You’ll need to find a centralized location to ship your boxes.

Connecting with a 3PL partner like Kable Product Services is easy, and we provide a centralized Midwestern location.

Our world-class shipping and subscription fulfillment services ensure your subscription boxes arrive on time and in exceptional condition, ultimately ensuring a model of growth.

Suppliers and vendors

All of your suppliers and vendors must operate in sync to make inventory control work for your subscription box product offering.

It’s imperative to source products from suppliers who will be able to meet the demands of your subscription box service as you grow and evolve.

If you’re sourcing from other vendors, consider finding a wholesaler and establishing a solid relationship.

Inventory management

In the subscription box business, inventory management is absolutely essential.

If you don’t have enough of your product on the shelf, your boxes won’t go out on time. The last thing you want is frustrated subscribers waiting for a package that never comes.

Avoid this headache by carefully tracking and restocking inventory, and make sure that if you’re investing in a 3PL, you use one that offers accurate inventory reporting.

Subscription Box Fulfillment

Warehousing options for subscription box fulfillment services

Attempting to store all of your subscription box inventory in one location can be problematic. Thankfully, there are many warehousing options available.

The first and most basic option is to rent warehouse space. This option is costly and very time-consuming.

Working with an experienced provider specializing in subscription box fulfillment services can help you bypass the typical challenges of managing the entire operation independently.  This approach leaves businesses responsible for picking, packing, and shipping.

The second option is to use a 3PL provider. 3PLs offer warehouse storage, pick and pack services, shipping, and reporting.

A reputable 3PL will allow you to customize your packaging and products, just like if you were doing everything yourself. The difference is that you’ll have the freedom to focus on other aspects of your business while they do the heavy lifting for storage, packing, and shipping.

Benefits of Kable Product Services subscription box fulfillment

When it comes to subscription box order fulfillment, Kable Product Services offers dynamic and flexible options to help your company ship quickly and reliably to customers all over the US.

Fast, centrally located US Shipping

Our primary warehouse is located in Cincinnati, Ohio, making it a central location for most of the US.

Because of our convenient location, we can ship quickly to customers across the United States. This proximity allows us to deliver your products to your customer quicker and at a lower cost.

Tailored Fulfillment Services

Some fulfillment services set excessive minimum order volumes, charge high premiums for space, and offer inflexible pricing for services like pick and pack boxes.

At Kable Product Services, our goal is to work with you to create a pricing and service plan that’s tailored to your actual needs.

We are committed to offering affordable and flexible fulfillment and shipping rates that reflect our customer’s high standards of product delivery and quality control.

Quick start-up time

When you’re managing a business, there’s no time to falter on details.

Kable Product Services promises an efficient onboarding approach to subscription start-up.

Our typical timeframe from agreement to launch is just 4-6 weeks. We’ve streamlined our onboarding process to help move you forward as quickly and efficiently as possible.

High standards for accuracy and receiving

You should have the same confidence in the accuracy of your 3PL partner as you do with your own warehouse.

That’s what we offer at Kable Product Services with routine weight checks, randomized quality control inspections, and careful process monitoring of each pick and pack box.

Electronic order processing and tracking

Partnering with a 3PL shouldn’t mean that you lose visibility over the packing and shipping process.

We offer processing and tracking reporting, giving you insight into each order’s status, inventory levels, and critical operating stats.

It’s our commitment to providing total clarity through the process, so you can have a genuinely hands-off approach in order fulfillment while feeling confident that we’re meeting your business standards.

Easy system integration and online reporting

Our software quickly and easily integrates with your CRM, ERP, and shopping cart applications.

This benefit means you won’t need to invest in expensive new technology. Additionally, we offer all our reporting online, giving you complete transparency through the process.

Custom packaging

Proper packaging is integral to your subscription box service—it’s the first thing subscribers see when they get their order.

Custom packaging promotes visibility and brand awareness. We offer flexible packaging options to ensure that you can send out packages that your customers will recognize and be enthusiastic about unboxing.

Some customers go above and beyond to provide a more detailed level of packaging. To maximize brand integration, include items like tissue paper, notes, and other on-brand items.

We can easily integrate your unique branding requirements into our process to create a fully customized experience for your customers.

Kable Product Services has a strong reputation as one of the reliable subscription box fulfillment companies and can help execute your vision for your boxes, delivering on-time orders and fostering loyal customer relationships.

If you’re interested in learning more about integrating subscription fulfillment solutions into your business, consider Kable Product Services.

Contact us today and speak with one of our industry experts by calling (800) 596-0030 or fill out our form to receive a customized quote.