Packaged Food Products and Beverage Fulfillment Services

What is packaged food fulfillment?

Food fulfillment is a process that requires a high degree of concentrated attention.

Packaged food and beverage fulfillment requires unique storage space, a climate-controlled environment, and meticulous monitoring and handling. These perishable products can deteriorate quickly if not kept in an environment designed to keep items at optimal conditions.

Kable Product Services maintains a standard of excellence and aims to exceed customer expectations regarding food and beverage product handling and fulfillment. We are an FDA Food Registered Facility.

How do you store food in a fulfillment facilities?

Non-perishable food storage

Non-perishable food storage and fulfillment is just as crucial as perishable food fulfillment and warehousing.

Organizing and fulfilling nonperishable items takes a significant level of care and organization. Non-perishable items include things like canned goods, peanut butter, dry soups, seasonings, tea, ground coffee, protein bars, vitamins, nuts, and more.

Temperature-sensitive food storage

When selecting a 3PL partner for your food and beverage distribution needs, it’s essential to ensure the partner has processes and protocols.

  • Do they offer temperature-controlled storage?
  • Can their warehouse management system track product expiration date and LOT?
  • Is the facility FDA Food Registered?
  • Do they offer temperature-controlled storage?
  • Can their warehouse management system track product expiration date and LOT?
  • Is the facility FDA Food Registered?

There are critical processes and protocols when executing packaged food products fulfillment.

It’s also vital to think about parcel shipping and solutions available depending upon product needs.

Food and beverage distribution


Manufacturers and producers

Manufacturers and producers must adhere to strict packaging guidelines, shelf-life requirements, and safety protocols when manufacturing and producing packaged food and beverage items.

Your 3PL provider must understand these guidelines and implement any follow-through storage requirements necessary to keep packaged food items safe according to manufacturing and production requirements.



Packaged Food and beverage fulfillment requires special storage considerations.

As a retailer or brand in the food and beverage industry, securing your own food fulfillment facility that meets the regulatory requirements is not a simple or inexpensive process.

Kable Product Services is centrally located, boasting over 200,000 square feet of storage space, offering FDA Food Registered temperature-controlled areas.  Our food fulfillment facility is prepped and ready to house your packaged food and beverage products.

We provide accurate inventory management and total transparency to customers throughout food products fulfillment.


Transportation and distribution

Packaged Food and beverage products require careful transportation and distribution, as they can be compromised during delivery—even if the supplier and warehouse partner have done everything to code.

This process must be carefully monitored and only trusted to qualified shipping partners—Kable Product Services partners with major shipping companies that ensure timely and responsible delivery practices.

Why Kable Product Services?



Kable Product Services has an extensive background and leadership in the food and beverage fulfillment industry. We fully understand the need for a qualified partner when it comes to fulfilling packaged food and beverage products.

Location marker

Centralized location

Kable Product Services’ centrally located Midwest warehouse makes us an excellent partner for packaged food and beverage retailers and brands.

Our convenient location provides accelerated shipping times–usually 1-2 days for most zip codes.

Quick ship times are vital in the packaged food and beverage industry, as most food and beverage deliveries are time-sensitive. Customers don’t want to wait any longer than the minimum shipping time to receive their order.

Additionally, delayed shipping may result in a product breakdown if it’s not being stored appropriately due to shipment and delivery delays.

Climate Controlled

Temperature-controlled storage

We offer temperature-controlled cold storage space within our warehouse.

If your quality is of utmost importance, customers will feel good about their return on investment and will be more likely to return or refer your business to others.


Flexible Solutions

Kable Product Services doesn’t require long-term contracts with confusing language.

We understand the dynamics of the packaged food and beverage industry. We also know that the packaged food and beverage market landscape has changed significantly in recent years. Therefore, we will not lock you into unmanageable contract requirements.

When you decide to enter the packaged food and beverage market as a retailer or brand, partnering with a 3PL provider is essential to maximize revenue and minimize operational costs.

Kable Product Services is prepared to execute your packaged food and beverage fulfillment needs in a way that’s efficient, economical, and responsible.

Please contact Kable Product Services to learn more about forming a partnership with us. You can speak with one of our industry experts by calling  (800) 596-0030 or fill out our form to receive a customized quote.