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Sales within the home goods industry have skyrocketed in recent years; home goods is now the second-fastest growing merchandise category overall, accounting for nearly 20% of the market share. 

Additionally, home goods eCommerce orders are expected to see continued growth. As a result, partnering with a highly qualified 3PL who can handle fast-paced logistics in a way that’s accurate and efficient is essential.

Home goods is a wide and diverse merchandise category. It encompasses items like home gardening equipment, cookware, small appliances, soft furnishings, decorative accessories, and home decor. 

Storage, fulfillment, warehousing, distribution, and shipping of home goods require adequate space, specialized handling, and expert inventory control. 

Given the fast-paced demand for home goods merchandise, it’s often impractical to effectively provide fulfillment and distribution in-house. 

Kable Product Services understands the unique challenges involved in the fulfillment of home goods merchandise and provides dedicated support throughout the process.

Services for the home goods industry

At Kable Product Services, we are here to help you provide an excellent experience for your customers that exceeds expectations, promotes growth, and results in potential repeat business.

Here are just a few of the services we offer for your home goods fulfillment needs:



In fulfillment, the main challenges in warehousing are storage and inventory management.

You need a 3PL partner with ample space and scale to accommodate your products while they await shipping. They also need to continuously monitor your level of stock, deliver that information to you, and handle returns.

At Kable Product Services, we also offer climate-controlled storage, and our facility is securely monitored, requiring keycard access for entry into our warehouse.

Grow Business

Ability to scale easily

As with most eCommerce niches, demand can fluctuate month-to-month, especially if your home goods products are seasonal.

We can guide you in the process of achieving and maintaining balanced inventory levels for optimal return on your investment.

Kable Product Services has the capacity and industry resources to help you scale your business in a way that is virtually seamless, easily attainable, and highly profitable.

It’s our objective, as a fulfillment provider, to alleviate the burden of fulfillment by providing dedicated support as your business grows.

Location marker

Central location

When you’re choosing a fulfillment partner for home goods distribution, it’s important to consider the location of your chosen provider. Products need to be shipped from a facility that can reach the majority of your customers in a short amount of time.

Kable Product Services fully integrates with your store’s platform, whether it’s Shopify, Amazon, NetSuite, or one of our many other platforms.

We deliver products within 1-2 business days to almost any zip code in the United States.

Kable’s home goods fulfillment process


Order processing

When a customer places an order, it’s essential that your fulfillment partner receives and processes it quickly.

Kable Product Services fully integrates with your store’s platform, whether it’s Shopify, Fulfillment by Amazon, Cratejoy, or one of our many other compatible services.

Our systems integrate with your CRM and ERP software as well in order to provide transparency and seamless transactions.

Integrating with your existing systems allows us to get immediate access to each order, so we can quickly expedite fulfillment.

Integration also provides reporting, giving you a full view of the fulfillment services process from order to shipping.


Fulfilling the order

The next step in home goods distribution and packaging logistics is fulfilling the order.

In this step, our system alerts employees to the exact warehouse location of the ordered product, helping them pick and pack quickly.

Kable Product Services provides a seamless fulfillment experience, and this is one of the primary ways to achieve and maintain a high level of customer satisfaction.

Home Goods

Grow your home goods business with Kable Product Services

Kable Product Services is here to help you leverage the fulfillment side of your business, so you can dedicate time to marketing and growth.

Our dedicated team and years of experience in fulfillment are exactly what you need as your business experiences growth. Our core services are designed to help you delegate the overwhelming challenges of storage, fulfillment, warehousing, distribution, shipping, and returns of your home goods products.

At Kable Product Services, we give you the fulfillment support you need and the tools to track your operational metrics. As a result, you can concentrate on providing a customer experience that exceeds expectations from order to fulfillment.

Our goal is to help elevate brands like yours, and we’re committed to offering flexible solutions without restrictive contracts.

We understand that there are many unknowns and unexpected pivots when it comes to running a retail business.

Kable Product Services is committed to becoming your trusted fulfillment partner as you work through everything from logistics to inventory and take the next steps in building your business.

We are committed to providing you with excellent service and clarity when it comes to the storage, fulfillment, warehousing, distribution, and shipping of your home goods products.

Contact the Kable Product Services team to learn more about how we can develop a strategy that alleviates the strain on your time and resources and provides an excellent experience for your customers.

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