Sporting Goods Fulfillment Solutions

The need for sporting goods fulfillment has rapidly accelerated in recent years. Consumers have taken a strong interest in preventative health measures, while virtual gyms and online exercise classes have seemingly taken over the fitness market. Social media influencers are also heavily immersed in marketing sporting goods and supplements. While this type of marketing is excellent for a company’s bottom line, viral accounts and ads have generated such interest that keeping items in stock can be a regular, problematic occurrence for retailers.

Experts project sporting goods revenue to reach 148.2 billion dollars in 2023* and this piqued interest creates tremendous opportunities for merchants who carry sporting goods.

Ecommerce sites have been bombarded with orders as customers build out their home gyms, resulting in the need for enhanced inventory management and logistics.

Kable Product Services can add tremendous value to the way you manage sporting goods fulfillment for your e-commerce store. Partnering with us as your 3PL provider will alleviate the burden of administrative tasks related to fulfillment, reducing your operational costs while allowing you to engage with customers and grow your business.

Sports Equipment

What is sporting goods fulfillment?

Sporting goods fulfillment can result in a very high number of orders.

This type of order processing can be overwhelming for retailers or brands who choose to process sporting goods equipment order fulfillment in-house. Kable Product Services offers a team of fulfillment professionals ready to pick and pack all your sporting goods eCommerce orders.

Sporting goods include a variety of items. You may carry items such as equipment, fitness apparel, and supplements (including shakes and vitamins).

The industry itself provides many opportunities for eCommerce retailers but can also pose challenges in fulfillment and logistics.


Picking Sporting Goods for Fulfillment

Kable Product Services uses an intelligent internal warehouse management system that integrates with your existing e-commerce store’s back-end inventory management and reporting.

When an order is received, our team carefully picks inventory items within the order and processes them for packaging. Our warehouse professionals ensure order items are picked from their assigned barcoded locations and taken to the packaging stations.

It may seem like a simple effort to fulfill orders, but our team focuses on quality control, accuracy, speed, efficiency, and providing seamless integration with your eCommerce systems.

Accurate and quick fulfillment of orders mean satisfied customers, which frequently leads to return purchases and referrals.


Packaging Sporting Goods for Fulfillment

Once items enter the packaging phase of fulfillment, the Kable Product Services team will carefully process the package and adhere to any special packaging requirements.

While we don’t provide custom packaging, our customers are welcome to provide custom packaging to us. We can help you create a branded result that will elevate the customer experience and set your brand apart.

Data Sync

Shipping Sporting Goods

Once your customer’s sporting goods order goes through packaging for the final fulfillment steps, it will transition to one of our trusted shipping partners. Our warehouse inventory system will sync with your e-commerce store to provide transparency through the order and fulfillment process.


Sporting Goods Return Processing

Fulfillment doesn’t end once a package arrives at its final destination. Over 20% of online orders will transition into return orders.** If your customer initiates a return, Kable Product Services will take the same care as we reverse the logistics process to satisfy re-stocking requirements.

Our intelligent inventory management system provides clarity through the process.

We understand that delegating fulfillment to a 3PL requires a strong level of confidence. We ensure transparency throughout the entire process while we run behind-the-scenes components of your business, so you can focus on client-facing activities like sales, and marketing.

Improving the customer experience

Special considerations for athletic goods fulfillment

The sporting goods industry is dynamic and fast-paced, posing challenges that may not appear routinely in all other sectors.

Sporting goods retailers and brands must keep up with the high demand for trending fitness equipment and athleisure items. Athletic goods are often bulky and heavier than many other items, which can quickly complicate the fulfillment and shipping procedures.

When it comes to sporting goods fulfillment, timing is critical.

Consumers often order items to focus on a health and wellness journey, and may purchase items for a sports team or class. Either way, sporting goods purchases are usually time sensitive.

Ultimately, consumers will look at pricing, quality, returns procedures and shipping time. We are proud to provide a centrally located warehouse that can deliver the majority of zip codes in the United States in just 1-2 days.

In addition, Kable Product Services offers kitting services to help bundle like items—which encourages an effortless upsell designed to maximize profits and add convenience for customers.

Packaging Equipment

Grow your sporting goods business with Kable Product Services

Please contact us to learn more about elevating your business while saving time, capital and resources by partnering with a qualified 3PL like Kable Product Services.

Our knowledge of the sporting goods industry and related logistics will provide you with fulfillment solutions that may be otherwise impossible in-house. We are happy to answer any questions you may have about aligning with a 3PL for sporting goods product fulfillment.

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