Beauty and Cosmetics Fulfillment Services

If you’re a retailer or brand marketing beauty and cosmetics products, you already know that storage and fulfillment can be a challenge, given the unique dynamic of this industry. 

Beauty products aren’t typically one-size-fits-all, which creates many inventory-related variables. 

Beauty and cosmetics fulfillment needs require strategic and focused execution. 

Many cosmetics products require a climate-controlled environment and extra care, given the fragility of product containers. Additionally, items that fall within various product lines will need careful organization, structured inventory, and careful fulfillment as there are many products to monitor at all times. 

As one of the known cosmetic fulfillment companies, Kable Product Services has extensive expertise in handling the unique logistics of beauty and cosmetics fulfillment and seamlessly delivering a dynamic brand expereince.

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3PL Solutions for your beauty and cosmetics business

Regarding cosmetic and beauty logistics, handling your own fulfillment is often impractical.

It’s crucial to handle these products carefully and pay close attention to shelf-life and expiration date. This storage solution may be difficult to achieve in-house, given the time and resources required.

This process necessitates a highly qualified 3PL partner with a background in beauty and cosmetics to make a significant difference in your workflow and time management processes.

A good cosmetics fulfillment partner will manage inventory levels and store beauty products at the required climate while carefully and effectively packing and shipping to minimize product damage and ensure accurate and efficient shipping practices.

Beauty and cosmetic warehousing and distribution services

It’s important to ensure that your logistics partner can meet industry standards relative to beauty and cosmetics fulfillment.

The health and safety regulations governing beauty products fulfillment make it crucial for you to partner with a 3PL business with extensive experience in beauty and cosmetics warehousing and distribution.

A qualified 3PL should have expert knowledge of the industry’s standards and guidelines. Additionally, the 3PL’s inventory management system will need to carefully track inventory and data pertinent to product expiration date and/or Lot number and storage conditions.

Your 3PL should offer repacking services for kitting needs or gift pack building.

Here are a few of the critical services we offer at Kable Product Services to ensure that your beauty products fulfillment service process is smooth, streamlined, and efficient:

Climate Controlled

Climate-controlled storage

Many beauty products, such as serums, cream-based beauty products, and nail polish, must be stored at specific temperatures.

To successfully deliver these items, they must remain in a climate-controlled environment prior to order fulfillment.


Expiring product fulfillment

Cosmetic products have a limited shelf life, so choosing a 3PL who can manage product expiration date and/or Lot number is essential.

Your 3PL’s inventory control system should prioritize products according to the expiration date and get those products in customers’ hands well before they expire.

Kable Product Services prioritizes time-sensitive product fulfillment to ensure products are moving on time.


Pack and repack services

No matter how precise your fulfillment process may be, there’s always a chance for items to become damaged in the shipping process.

We ensure that your cosmetics are packed and repacked in a way that exceeds your standards, providing a superior customer experience.

Value-added beauty and cosmetic services

An experienced 3PL cosmetics fulfillment partner can add value to your sales channel by streamlining your processes and completing your brand experience for customers.

Here are a few of the value-added services that Kable Product Services offers for your beauty fulfillment services needs:


Your fulfillment partner should be able to take single SKUs and bundle them for you into attractive kits, creating a new product with a unique SKU.

Kable Product Services team members pack your products so they are delivered promptly and intact.

Our kitting fulfillment process allows you to package products together for effortless upsells, shipping directly from the warehouse.


Many customers turn to cosmetic subscription boxes for fresh beauty products.

This business model can be a great way to market new products, increase product offerings and promote brand awareness.

We offer targeted support to our subscription box clients, as this process differs from traditional ordering.

Custom packaging

In the world of cosmetics, a custom brand experience can make a significant difference. Custom packaging creates brand awareness and can foster brand loyalty.

That’s why we offer custom packaging fulfillment for all your products, giving you control over presentation and delivery.

Even better, if you offer a subscription box, we can use your custom packaging and inserts to create a complete brand experience.

Our beauty and cosmetic fulfillment process

When it comes to beauty products fulfillment, the process is more complicated than simply placing products into a box.

The fulfillment process takes multiple steps to ensure quality and efficiency in storage and delivery.

 Here are the primary steps we take at Kable Product Services:

Inventory management

Kable Product Services understands that it’s vital to avoid problems where customers order products and the warehouse is out of stock, causing a delay in shipment. Unexpected shipping delays will quickly cause a decline in customer satisfaction.

On the other hand, it is not cost-effective to pay for pallets of storage for a beauty product that rarely sells.

Striking a balance between the two requires careful inventory management.

Kable Product Services assess your inventory levels and notifies you when it is time to reorder.

Order processing

Once your customer places their order, it goes through the picking and packing process.

Orders are then shipped to the customer right away to ensure timely delivery and a satisfactory customer experience.

Kable Product Services is committed to delivering an excellent customer experience for you and your customers.

Let’s take a look at how the process works in real-time.

We use secure network integrations that connect with your shopping cart or platform. This process gives us quick insight into orders, allowing minimal turnaround time to fulfill your customers’ orders.

Kable Product Services’ fulfillment reporting system provides the real-time status of each order, reinforcing quality control and quick processing for each item.

Order fulfillment

Once the order is processed, it’s time to pick, pack, and ship.

Our systems locate the product in our warehouse and direct pickers to the correct location of item in facility.

The Kable Product Services team will package each beauty item based on your brand standards, ready to be shipped to almost any zip code in the US within 1-2 days!


FIFO is an acronym for the principle “First In, First Out.”

In the world of beauty products fulfillment, this principle means that items stored the longest are the first ones to be shipped out.

This strategy helps minimize the number of cosmetics products that expire while in storage, maximizing your profit and keeping a smooth inventory flow.


Sometimes the items that arrived into inventory first should not be the first to go out.

If cosmetics arrive with an expiration date before currently warehoused products, we apply the FEFO principle: “First Expired, First Out.”

This distribution process ensures products closest to expiring are the products that are picked, packed, and shipped first.

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Partnering with Kable for your beauty and cosmetic fulfillment services

A partnership with Kable Product Services can transform your company and brand if you’re in the beauty and cosmetics industry.

We understand that the value in providing beauty products goes beyond customer care.

We offer all the solutions you need for smooth and stress-free storage, packing, and shipping process. Our warehouse includes climate-controlled storage options, fast shipping from our central Midwest location, and value-added services like custom packaging and kitting.

With Kable Product Services, you don’t just get a cosmetics fulfillment company: you get a partner whose goal is to help you meet yours and think inside and out of the box.

We offer flexible contracts and simple fulfillment models tailored around the services you need.

If you’re seeking a proactive 3PL provider dedicated to the care and quality control of your brand, we invite you to contact us.

Speak with one of our industry experts by calling (800) 596-0030 or fill out our form to receive a customized quote.