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The health fulfillment market continues to experience growth as more consumers take ownership of their health and wellness routines.

As consumers become more and more educated, there is an increasing interest in supplements, vitamins, and other nutritional products in an effort to stay healthy. 

Experts share, “The global dietary supplements market size was valued at USD 151.9 billion in 2021 and is expected to expand at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 8.9% from 2022 to 2030.”

These stats prove that significant opportunities lie ahead for eCommerce retailers while simultaneously improving accessibility to consumers.

Kable Product Services is a highly qualified 3PL provider that can help you manage health and wellness fulfillment in a way that exceeds expectations, giving you a competitive edge.

Types of Health and Wellness Products

Health Supplement

Health supplement fulfillment

The process of fulfilling health supplement orders can include anything from bottles of capsules to powders, patches, infused waters, teas, and other items.

The pandemic has changed how many of us view our health and daily nutrition. We’ve realized the role that diet and overall health can play in fighting off illness and disease.

While making dietary adjustments with whole foods is easier for some, others may require health supplements to close the nutrition gap or enhance physical performance. Ecommerce retailers specializing in supplement and vitamin fulfillment have seemingly unlimited potential for success in this growing market.

Regardless of why a consumer may be ordering health supplements, it’s important to be prepared and ready to pivot as industry demands change.

Health supplement sales are largely impacted by trending goods and social influence. In addition, new findings that support the use of vitamins and supplements can be found daily.

These factors mean those in the health fulfillment industry must stay ready and have the capacity and space to shift and scale as the industry progresses.

Kable Product Services can offer a climate-controlled storage area for temperature-sensitive inventory items such as supplements, nutraceuticals, and vitamins.

When you choose to partner with Kable Product Services, you can do so confidently, knowing that we have your customers’ best interests in mind.

Vitamin C

Vitamin fulfillment

Vitamins are a type of health supplement that requires proper storage processes for quick and accurate fulfillment.

There are many variables as far as vitamins are concerned. For example, vitamin B has multiple variations–B12, B-2, B-6, and B-Complex.

Consumers order vitamins based on specific dietary deficiencies and personal preferences. As a result, inventory tracking needs to be completely accurate. Proper inventory management ensures in-stock items, quantities,on-time shipping, and tracking product LOT# or expiration date.

Typically, customers will reorder vitamins before they are out, but sometimes that doesn’t happen. As a result, It’s important to react quickly and efficiently when it comes to health and wellness sales.

Diet Pills

Diet product fulfillment

Wellness fulfillment services include diet products such as supplements, nutraceuticals, shakes, patches, and other specialty items.

The convenience of ordering pre-packaged and pre-portioned helps consumers choose quality products that will be helpful in their health and wellness journeys.

Inventory management continues to be key with diet products. Having dynamic real-time inventory reporting at your fingertips is essential to running a successful eCommerce supplement business.

Customers are always in search of health and wellness suppliers they can trust. It’s critical your fulfillment center understands their role in delivering your brand experience.

Supplement Subscription

Subscription box supplements

Vitamins and other supplements are excellent contenders for subscription box services.

Vitamins and supplements typically come in 30-60 day supplies and naturally fit the bill for items that require regular re-order, making for a great subscription model.

Kable Product Services offers subscription or auto-ship fulfillment to help our customers maximize their order processing capability. We are happy to implement your custom packaging to provide a fully branded and elevated customer experience.

Fulfillment challenges for health and wellness products

Tracking Checklist

Inventory management

As an eCommerce retailer offering your customers health and wellness products, you can rest assured that your work is making a difference in the life and well-being of others.

Health fulfillment is rewarding, but it doesn’t come without challenges. Inventory management for companies focused on health fulfillment can be problematic if not subject to constant monitoring.

Kable Product Services uses an intelligently integrated approach to warehouse inventory management.

Our software tracks a high level of detail related to wellness inventory items. This inventory software routes items throughout the warehouse, garnering all components necessary to help us provide accurate and on-time orders, tracking LOT# and product expiration date.

Additionally, the system integrates with eCommerce sales platforms to offer you, the customer, full transparency through the sales and fulfillment processes.

Inventory management

Accurate inventory tracking and transparency is mandatory

Many consumers use supplements to maintain a particular state of health. There must be no lapse in supplement usage in order to continue receiving optimal benefits.

Kable Product Services is an FDA food-registered facility. Therefore, you can feel confident that we meet all required regulations for handling your wellness products and your health fulfillment needs.

We understand that delegating this critical operations piece of your business to a third party can be intimidating. However, Kable Product Services has been delivering results since 1959.

We are here to make your order fulfillment process run efficiently. Handing off operational resource-intensive tasks like inventory storage, organization, shipping, and fulfillment to a trusted partner allows you to focus on driving customer relationships and implementing business growth strategies.


Order Packaging

Supplement and vitamin orders require extra care during storage, fulfillment, and shipping.

Many of these products come in breakable containers or other types of packaging that can potentially become compromised in shipping and cause unnecessary product loss.

Our warehouse team of professionals takes extra care to package products accurately and effectively, minimizing loss and return rates.

While we don’t design or provide custom packaging, we are happy to utilize your custom branded packaging.

Branded packaging–complete with specialty fillers and inserts—makes customers feel like you took extra effort to deliver a curated package to their door. Custom packaging helps elevate your brand and make your customer feel special at the same time.


Inventory Tracking

Health fulfillment includes products that can have a definitive shelf-life and require thoughtful distribution to reduce loss and maintain customer satisfaction.

Tracking expiration dates can be imperative. Sending out items in the order they are received is essential to minimize loss.

It’s our goal to help you reduce waste by expediting the process of turning over products in the proper order or sequence. This task can be exceptionally difficult to implement in-house, once you reach a certain daily order volume.

In addition to our warehouse management software, our 200,000 square-foot warehouse is zoned and organized to allow us to retain complete control over shipping-out products based on shelf life or LOT#.

Scaling your health and wellness businesses with Kable Product Services

Kable Product Services’ warehouse is centrally located in Cincinnati, Ohio.

Our central location provides 1-2 day shipping to most consumers. Our warehouse location is within 600 miles of 60% of the USA zip codes, making us a preferred fulfillment partner for time-sensitive orders.

We ship out 20,000 orders daily and can accommodate large-scale operations; we can also scale fulfillment operations to support your growing eCommerce business.

We understand that completing order fulfillment in-house can be overwhelming and all-consuming.

It’s our privilege to operate alongside businesses like yours and provide superior fulfillment service through third-party logistics.  We have proudly been supporting leading brands with their logistics needs since 1959.

Working with Kable Product Services will put hours back in your day, allowing you to focus on the other lucrative pieces of your business.

It’s always our goal to help you elevate the fulfillment process for your customers, delivering a dynamic brand experience.

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