We value Kable’s experience – their team is knowledgeable, organized, cooperative, adaptable, and always help at a moment’s notice.

– Jon McSorely, Sr. Planner, Kroger

Support from Kable’s IT team has been first rate, we get all the data we need to optimize our business the best it can be.

– Jack Haldrup, Founder at Dr. Squatch Soap Co.


eCommerce Fulfillment


Improve Your Margins With Easy Shopping Cart Integration, and maximum control of the customer experience


Amazon Seller-Fulfilled Prime

Manage Your Inventory And Keep Shipping Costs Low For This Important Sales Channel


Subscription Box Fulfillment


Save Money with Flexible, Economically Priced Fulfillment Services and Competitively Priced Shipping Services


Custom Co-Packing


Get Your Projects Done Quickly, Accurately and On-Time with Our Customized Co-Packing Solutions

It’s Your Success That Matters Most

The most important touchpoints you have with your online customers are fulfillment and shipping. Shipments must be accurate and delivered on-time. The performance by your service provider is how you are judged. Smart companies know this is where margins are made or broken, and long-term customer relationships are developed.

Deliver The Results You Want With Kable


Reporting and Tracking Tools for Data-Driven Decision Making


Easy-to-Implement Solutions


Flexible, Low-Cost Shipping Options


High-Quality Service and Account Support


Competitively Priced Order Fulfillment

A Fulfillment Center That Knows Your Needs

Customers look to us as a logistics partner that understands its customer’s goals, making Kable unique to other warehouse and fulfillment centers. This is what you get – someone who fully understands your service requirements – and can deliver fast shipping and accuracy to your customers, with competitive shipping and fulfillment service rates.


Choosing a fulfillment company that knows your industry, and fully understands its capabilities and commitments, ensures you get better results. We specialize in subscription box fulfillment, ecommerce order fulfillment, and CPG/ Retail fulfillment and co-packing – our experience and reputation speaks for itself.


Your goal with customer deliveries is that they are professionally packaged, with the correct products going to the correct customers. And while we will deliver your packages efficiently and reliably, we also provide that same level of service in every other area of our business too. Whether you need help with your pick/pack approach, co-packing, kitting, or even returns management, Kable is able to create solutions that work for your business, while saving you money.


Our cost-effective, wide-range fulfillment services means you can spend your time and money on effectively growing your business.



Orders Shipped

Per Year 10.5 Million

1 to 2-day Ground Delivery to Most Zip Codes in the Contiguous U.S.

10,000 Pallet Locations for Client Inventory

Integrations and Partners

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