Book Fulfillment Services: Distribution and Order Fulfillment

Kable Product Services has extensive experience in book fulfillment services and distribution. Our facility offers over 200,000 square feet with various inventory storage and fulfillment configurations—and a powerful warehouse management system. This system leaves no margin for error when it comes to providing accurate details about order status, available inventory, and returns.

Allowing Kable Product Services to take on the  book fulfillment and distribution process for your business will free up your time for marketing, networking, and other activities that elevate your business.  Ultimately, reducing your operational costs.

Challenges for online booksellers

Book distribution

Book distribution fulfillment comes with its own set of challenges.

Books can be difficult to store and distribute in-house without the help of a sophisticated inventory management system and plenty of space to organize items. Booksellers must be able to shelve products in a way that’s easily and quickly accessible, making book order fulfillment services essential.

Kable Product Services has an expansive warehouse that can meet the demand of those in the book or publication industry.


Storage capacity

Online retailers face significant challenges with inventory storage when it comes to housing books in a place that’s spacious enough, secure, and efficient.

Kable Product Services offers 200,000 square feet of storage space to accommodate the growing need for book or publication fulfillment services.

In addition, our warehouse is organized in such a way that inventory management is never a problem. We provide pick and pack and kitting services that are all carried out by our highly qualified team members and tracked by our inventory software.

This software integrates with your e-commerce platform to ensure a seamless transaction from “add-to-cart” to delivery and returns processing if necessary.

Piggy Bank

High shipping costs

Books vary in size but can be bulky, resulting in high shipping costs in book fulfillment and distribution.

When a consumer orders more than one book, shipping costs can quickly outpace the value of purchasing books online instead of in a brick-and-mortar store.

Partnering with a 3PL like Kable Product Services, which specializes in book fulfillment services, can reduce your shipping costs.

Fast Time

Turn around time

Kable Product Services provides a customer experience that exceeds expectations in every way.

While we promise to only partner with credible shipping partners, we know that getting an item to its final destination is only half the battle.

Our centrally located Midwest warehouse allows us to ship books to almost any zip code in the USA in 1-2 days.

Kable Warehouse

The Kable advantage for book fulfillment and distribution

Economy of scale

Kable Product Services offers 200,000 square feet of storage space to our fulfillment customers.

This space allows our team of professionals to organize, scale quickly, and manage your inventory. New releases and bestsellers are unpredictable, but we are ready to adjust and scale for any increase in sales volume your business needs through our book order fulfillment services.

Inventory management and accuracy

Keeping your book inventory in-house can pose significant issues related to space, product management and order fulfillment.

A vast number of products with many options available will require very careful tracking. Kable Product Services uses an intuitive inventory management system to track inventory items, orders, and the fulfillment status of each transaction.

As your 3PL partner, it’s our job to provide accurate orders to your customers. Our inventory management software allows us to complete transactions with total transparency via our book fulfillment services.

We provide intelligent inventory management solutions to ensure proper tracking and integration with your online store.

Product bundling

We also offer product kitting and bundling services.

Bundling like items together in one SKU expedites the shipping and delivery process.

The bundling process leads to a more efficient operation and reduces distribution efforts while generating additional revenue.

Product bundling also allows us to shelve complementary items together. This process is especially helpful in book fulfillment services.

These products may be paired based on likeness, volumes, or reader recommendations.

You may choose to pair things like books and related study guides, books and related products, or a series of hardbacks. The options are limitless, and choosing to model inventory this way allows for a near effortless up sale–more revenue for you and added convenience for the customer.

Shipping discounts

Kable Product Services has solidified relationships with trusted shipping partners.

Our centrally located warehouse allows us to deliver to most zip codes within 1-2 days, and our large shipping volume enables us to negotiate better shipping rates with carriers.

We can pass on those benefits to you in turn and pass them on to your customers. Everyone wins when you partner with a 3PL provider.

We understand the challenges related to the demand for book and publication fulfillment services. It’s our privilege to help you implement tangible solutions for processing your orders.

Our pricing structure is manageable and offers excellent value. Also, we understand the complexity of managing an e-commerce business.

Speak with one of our industry experts by calling (800) 596-0030 or fill out our form to receive a customized quote.