Omnichannel E-commerce Order Fulfillment Solutions

In the competitive landscape of eCommerce sales, businesses must recognize and react to the fact that a better customer experience may only be a few clicks away.

In many scenarios, factors such as speed and flexibility in delivery can make or break a sale. The good news is, there is a proven solution to increase your standard of customer care for online eCommerce sales.

Omnichannel fulfillment.

This fulfillment method plays a major role in the outcome of a good customer experience.

It allows online retailers to gain traction when it comes to achieving an optimal customer experience through the entire purchasing and delivery process.

Kable Product Services offers world-class omnichannel fulfillment solutions to keep your business evolving with consumer demands and staying competitive in your market.

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What is omnichannel fulfillment?

Omnichannel fulfillment is a product delivery solution that deeply integrates multiple fulfillment methods and sales channels. The overarching objective is to get a correct and completed order in the customer’s hands as soon as possible.

Traditionally, companies choose a single way to get products from fulfillment centers to consumers. This may include a brick-and-mortar experience only, where customers carry their purchases out the door.

Alternatively, it may be a direct-to-consumer approach. While both of these fulfillment methods are adequate independently, they are also limiting to the seller and consumer alike.

Omnichannel fulfillment services allow products to be sold online through your website, other large-scale online marketplaces, and a physical storefront as well.

When a customer orders a product, this integrated fulfillment process chooses the fastest method of getting a product from supplier to consumer. This may be in-store curbside pick-up, store-to-home delivery, or shipping from the closest in-stock fulfillment center.

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What does omnichannel fulfillment look like for your business?

Using the omnichannel fulfillment model means moving beyond a basic warehouse-to-consumer set-up. While this may be unfamiliar territory for many online retailers, it’s proven and powerful.

No one likes to hurry up and wait—your customers included.

It’s important to do a deep dive into customer needs and discover which fulfillment approaches meet the demands of your target demographic.

If you’re thinking about an omnichannel approach, you’ll need to consider stocking your product in physical stores, offering in-store pickup, and choosing strategic fulfillment center locations.

You’ll also need to be prepared to aggressively track and manage inventory levels and product flow to ensure you always have an item ready, regardless of the channel it came through.

Omnichannel fulfillment also means expanding the options customers have for ordering from you. As you move through the process of offering an integrated fulfillment solution like omnichannel, you may consider partnering with an online marketplace, using your own website, offering catalog sales, and partnering with small brick-and-mortar sellers for resale.

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Understanding the benefits of omnichannel fulfillment

Omnichannel fulfillment services offer multiple advantages over other fulfillment methods.

Flexibility is a huge benefit to using this method. Rather than relying on one distribution source, you can capture the attention of customers who prefer the trusted name of online marketplaces and also those who want to support your business directly.

Omnichannel is dynamic and faster than traditional single-source fulfillment methods. This intelligent fulfillment approach selects the fastest and most efficient shipping option for you and your customer.

Without this solution, customers may be locked into a store pick-up location that’s hours away or waiting through a prolonged international delivery route. The flexibility of multiple distribution channels lowers wait times and provides maximum convenience to the consumer.

Over the last decade, omnichannel fulfillment solutions have become the gold standard for those who provide multichannel selling services.

By and large, omnichannel fulfillment allows all the work to be done by third-party logistics. This approach provides complete reporting and allows businesses to scale their inventory and delivery methods in a way that matches consumer and industry needs.

Omnichannel promotes flexibility, resulting in satisfied customers who associate your brand with trust and accuracy.

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How omnichannel fulfillment meets customer needs

Omnichannel e-commerce fulfillment meets customer needs by creating an adaptive product fulfillment model that chooses the most efficient shipping method for each purchase.

Customer experience is much broader than having an aesthetically pleasing and functional eCommerce solution available. Online shoppers want to know that their dollars are being spent with a company or organization that will provide not only a quality product, but also an exceptional delivery experience.

Omnichannel fulfillment has cracked the code on customer care by offering a diverse range of fulfillment options tailored to consumer preferences.

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What are some examples of omnichannel fulfillment Solutions?

Omnichannel fulfillment brings more opportunities to retailers by also using multichannel distribution. This approach to fulfillment is satisfied in a variety of ways.

Shoppers may choose to buy online and then pick up their order at a brick-and-mortar location. Alternatively, customers may make an online purchase and have it delivered to their house or elsewhere. They may also purchase in-store and have the order shipped out.

In addition to buying online, customers can also return their purchases to a store or online. This creates dynamic ease of use for the customer and empowers them to make convenient choices about their purchase.

It can be challenging to understand this high-level concept of how omni channel order fulfillment works. Let’s add some real-world perspective to what you’ve already learned.

If your customer is pressed for time while doing holiday shopping, he or she will require the most efficient product delivery method available.

If your eCommerce product page only provides traditional shipping information with a prolonged delivery estimate of 7-10 business days or even longer, the customer will likely look elsewhere for the same product.

Keep in mind, brand loyalty can be compromised when you fall out of step with what the competition has to offer.

Let’s think about international products for a moment. International sellers often promote unique items that can be difficult to procure in the United States.

Your business might stock items with international appeal, however, most people don’t want to wait weeks for their purchase to be delivered.

An alternative approach includes using a fulfillment center as an option for purchase. With 3PL solutions in place, the customer will not have an extended wait time and will receive his or her purchase in the shortest amount of time.

Understanding how to be successful with omnichannel fulfillment Services

Omnichannel fulfillment services offer exciting benefits to customers and businesses alike.

This fulfillment solution allows for a diverse range of pickup and delivery options, better time management, seamless purchases, optimized storage practices, and superior inventory management. It’s a win-win for both consumers and retailers.

Maximizing channels for your business

You may want to consider offering limited options at first (like direct-to-consumer) shipping from a fulfillment center. Then, once you’re comfortable, expand opportunities by offering in-store pickup.

A 3PL partner with precise inventory management is key to omnichannel success. While you’re using multiple channels to fulfill orders, tracking software will help keep inventory levels and order volume in check.

Warehouse management and Inventory management

Warehouse and inventory management are both key players in your omnichannel order fulfillment strategy.

If you can’t keep products stocked in your warehouse and moving steadily, you’ll lose all the customer benefits of an omnichannel approach. You’ll need to pay close attention to current inventory levels and trends that emerge over time. It’s always important to consider seasonal trends as well as high-demand products.

Learning how to work with a 3PL partner for omnichannel fulfillment

Working with a reliable third-party logistics (3PL) partner who knows the ins and outs of omnichannel ecommerce fulfillment is a smart business strategy.

Many 3PLs can make omnichannel order fulfillment a seamless process. A 3PL partner will be key in inventory management and reporting, choosing the most effective shipping method for each product, and handling returns.

When choosing to partner with a 3PL provider for your omnichannel fulfillment strategy, we recommend following a few guidelines to maximize your investment:

  • Look for a 3PL company that offers detailed reporting and transparency
  • Find a partner with a central warehouse location for quicker shipping
  • Only choose a 3PL that will take time to educate and inform you on the entire process.

It’s critical to know how everything works, even if you have a partner in place.

Omnichannel fulfillment has many benefits, including increased sales via multiple channels, a great return on investment, and flexible options for consumers. This method of order distribution gives customers the flexible, fast, convenient service they’re looking for.

It also elevates your business as you look at diversifying sales channels and managing inventory across multiple channels.

Developing an omnichannel fulfillment solution that works for your needs creates a better customer experience, resulting in repeat business and referrals, as well as a better brand experience overall.

If you’re ready to add omnichannel fulfillment services to your business, Kable Product Services offers everything you need for a complete and integrated fulfillment solution to track every aspect of your sales process.

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