Why Kable Fulfillment?

Our strength is knowing how to provide the most valuable 3PL services to our customers. But, why tell you when our customers can do it better.

You can read about our shipping and fulfillment work with 3 great customers – click on their logo learn more.

“Our suite of services is designed to support customers with an integrated approach to their product fulfillment requirements. We appreciate and value the trust our customers place in our team and capabilities, and proudly view our client’s success as our success.”

– Michael Duloc, Kable CEO

Kable puts the pieces together

Kable Fulfillment provides superior quality and flexible fulfillment and shipping options combined with cost-effective solutions for our customers. Headquartered in  Cincinnati, Ohio, Kable has built long-lasting relationships with clients, both small and large (Fortune 500), helping them meet their customer’s needs.