Kable Product Services’ long-standing objective is to exceed customer expectations regarding the speed, accuracy, and efficiency of fulfillment. We have been delivering our clients’ brand experiences for over 60 years, providing proactive quantifiable operational cost savings.


Our 206,000-square foot warehouse is centrally located in Cincinnati, Ohio, and offers over 14,000 storage locations that can scale to accommodate many different product configurations.

Our workflow and processes enable us to fulfill orders quickly, efficiently, and maximize customer satisfaction.


We successfully process over 20,000 orders a day for our 3PL customers.

We use innovative technology to ensure that orders are fulfilled accurately and on time. In addition, our warehouse management system integrates directly with your chosen sales channels to provide total transparency through the fulfillment process and real-time order status.

We understand that delegating the fulfillment part of your business requires a high level of trust, and we promise to handle this aspect of your business just like you would. We are an extension of our valued clients.

Offsetting this time-consuming operational component lets you spend more time focusing on the growth and development of other vital aspects of your business.

Our Results

Kable Product Services is your trusted partner in eCommerce fulfillment–driving quantifiable results and solutions since 1959.

We are committed to your success, working 20 hours a day (over two shifts) to provide same-day order processing and expedite returns and restocking.

Each of our clients is assigned to a member of executive leadership to provide personalized service, ensuring we are identifying process improvements and exceeding expectations.

Average Transit Times

Kable Transit Time Map

Performance Stats

Grow Business

5,000,000+ orders processed annually

Fast Time

Same-day order processing

Inventory management

99.8% order accuracy


99.9% order fulfillment


Dock to stock within 48 hours


Returns are processed within 48 hours

Piggy Bank

30%-40% operational cost saving when transitioning to Kable Product Services

Client Testimonials

Kable Product Services is a trusted partner in the fulfillment industry–going above and beyond to deliver long-standing results and prioritize customer satisfaction.

Our end goal is always to make a difference in the way you do business and dynamically deliver your brand experience. We strive to help you streamline your order fulfillment, so you can maximize the potential of other areas of your business.

If you’re interested in a partnership with Kable Product Services, please call us at (800) 596-0030 or fill out our contact form.