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2022 Shipping and Selling Trends

Are you ready for 2022? With the new year comes new opportunities to grow, so now is the time to identify trends. We’ve rounded up some key tips and trends to help you get a clearer picture of the online selling and shipping trends for this coming year.

Branded shipping

As more companies sell online, customers are beginning to value—branded shipping—labeling that tells them right away who sent the package. Think of the Amazon smile that appears on all its boxes, for instance. Branded shipping is becoming more and more popular as a way to advertise your business and create a sleek delivery experience for customers. If you haven’t yet put some sort of branding or identification on your packages, such as a special label or sticker, it’s something you’ll want to consider as we move into 2022.

Increased mobile sales

Is your website reliable and fast for mobile phone use? Now’s the time to make sure! Around 45 percent of eCommerce sales were through a mobile device last year, and customers want the ease and convenience of purchasing through their phones. To remain competitive, it’s important to consider mobile sales and maximize them for your business.

Rising direct-to-consumer sales

The traditional sales model through past decades was simple: a company would create a product, sell it wholesale to a middleman—usually a brick-and-mortar store—who would then sell the item to the consumer. However, this is changing fast. Online selling means that it’s easier than ever for companies to sell their products directly to buyers without relying on other retailers for help. This trend towards direct-to-consumer sales will likely continue into 2022, presenting both opportunities and challenges for small sellers. On the upside, small businesses can start selling right away, without worrying about scoring a contract with a big retailer. One challenge, however, is making sure your business is equipped for this sort of sale—can you ship directly to the consumer? It can be helpful to outsource this part of the sales process to a reliable fulfillment partner to streamline operations and make things as easy as possible.

Overall, shipping and selling in the coming year will continue to alter with the new digital world that we find ourselves in. Expect a push for branded shipping, prepare yourself and your website for more mobile sales, and consider how you can streamline direct-to-consumer selling for the best possible eCommerce experience in 2022.