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What Online Shoppers Want

Give them the shopping experience they’re asking for

Shopping online is big business. With recent rapid advances in technology, combined with the COVID pandemic that moved the world online, it’s no longer a fringe trend to buy things using the world wide web. As an eCommerce retailer, this presents huge opportunities—but also significant challenges. Online shoppers know what they want, and they’re willing to switch to another retailer that gives it to them. Make sure you’re meeting the top priorities of your customers to keep them coming back. We’ve rounded up some of the most common customer must-haves to help you build a thriving customer base.

Personalized but private experiences

Shoppers want an experience built for them, not for a sea of anonymous clickers. Customers who feel that you offer products and communications tailored to them are more likely to buy from you and stick with you. However, they are also increasingly concerned with their privacy. Personalizing your messaging comes with a caution: Don’t make too many assumptions about your customers and only use the information they’ve permitted you to use. A commitment to a private but personalized shopping experience goes a long way in today’s eCommerce market.


Customers don’t want to shop from desktop computers anymore, so they expect a seamless buying experience across devices. Whether they’re swiping through your store on their iPhone or doing Christmas shopping on their laptop, they’re looking for an accessible and integrated buying experience. Make sure the purchasing process is a breeze across platforms to keep your customers happy.

Clear product information

No matter what sort of product you’re selling, customers want information they can count on. If you’re selling clothing, make sure your sizing is clear and accurate for each product. Include specifications such as weight, color, and any expected variations products might contain. Ensure you have detailed information regarding everything there is to know about the product somewhere on its page. Online shopping means convenience, but it also means customers can’t have an experience with the item. Give them something as close to that experience as you can by providing clear information.

Quick delivery

When online shopping was a novelty, customers were happy to wait a few weeks for delivery. Nowadays, fast shipping is a must for many customers, as Amazon promises next-day delivery, and companies vie for each customer dollar. Promising speedy shipping is a great way to attract more buyers. However, it’s easy to overpromise and underdeliver with today’s supply chain issues and shipping delays. Ultimately, it’s better to promise a reasonable delivery timeline and stick to it than make big promises that leave customers in the lurch when their box didn’t come when you said it would.

Online shopping is an opportunity and a challenge for eCommerce sellers. How can you beat the competition? Focus on what buyers want: an experience tailored to them but designed with privacy in mind, convenient shopping, and information that helps them make an informed decision. By prioritizing these elements, you can keep your online store at the top.