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What to Consider When Creating Packaging for Your Subscription Box

Part of the allure of receiving a subscription box is the packaging.   Great looking packaging drives your brand’s image, as well as increases the chances that the subscriber will be happy with their subscription, and continue to subscribe.

1.       Design

The design and style of your packaging should fit the theme of your subscription box.  For example, if your target audience is young women, make sure you pick colors, style, and lettering that will appeal to them.  After all, the packaging is the first impression the customer has of your box. carton-emballage

2.       Quantity

As a start-up, you probably will not have the money to invest in custom packaging right away, but once you have at least 300 subscribers per month (and some history on products being shipped), you can begin to research your options.  Most packaging companies require a minimum of 1,000 boxes for a custom-printed mailer, which is a large outlay of money.

3.       Size

Make sure you choose the right size box.  Resist choosing the larger size box, not only to save on shipping costs, but because subscribers will not be happy with a half-filled box.  This is where product history comes in handy.

4.       Sourcing

When deciding on a manufacturer, you should consider their location, fulfillment options, turnaround time, and of course, price.   When comparing manufacturers, have your box size and order quantity on hand so you can get the most accurate price quote.

5.       Cost

The price of your custom box is going to be based on the type of printing, box quality, and ink quality you choose.   Decide where you want to spend your budget and where you are willing to cut costs, especially in the beginning.  This will give you negotiating points when discussing price with your manufacturer and can help you get the best deal on your custom packaging.

Once you have placed a few orders, and are satisfied with your custom packaging, you can negotiate better rates on volume with your manufacturer.