Kitting and Fulfillment Services

Kitting is one of the most commonly used services in eCommerce fulfillment. Kitting refers to packaging products together that a customer may have otherwise purchased individually. Items that usually sell separately can be bundled with the kitting process.

Kable Product Services can help elevate your business’s product offerings with our value-added kitting fulfillment service.

When to Outsource Subscription Box Fulfillment

The kitting and co-packing process

A 3PL fulfillment partner experienced in kitting fulfillment services will have an established system that maximizes the effectiveness of your supply chain management and order fulfillment configuarations.

Let’s take a look at the essential elements of kitting fulfillment services.

Inventory storage

A 3PL will manage and store your products until it is time for kitting and assembly services.

When an eCommerce order for a kit is received at the warehouse, your 3PL provider will determine whether the order is for a pre-bundled kit or if the assembly is required.

If the order is not already bundled, fulfillment employees pick and pack the kit.

In contrast, kits can be bundled ahead of a customer’s order if volume of activity justifies building a new sku.

Order picking and packing

A picking list or pick ticket is systematically generated when a co-packaged order comes in. Your 3PL partner’s team uses this list to pull/scan individual items from inventory.

They take your products to a staging area where the items are scanned and combined.

Then the products are packed into one box, or as few boxes as possible, with the appropriate packing materials based on your brand standard packing instructions using custom kitting services

Subscription Box

Benefits of kitting and co-packing

Utilizing kitting fulfillment services you can create sets, cross-sell categories, and offer special promotions through your eCommerce platform.

Our kitting and co-packing process streamlines activities to enhance your brand experience and deliver transparency, from when we receive an order until it’s shipped out and delivered to your customer.

At Kable Product Services, we integrate with your system to maximize on-time, order fulfillment, and update order tracking and inventory. Our worry-free integration works alongside your eCommerce cart, CRM, and ERP systems.

Our client portal provides access to order data and business metrics in real-time.

More product offerings for your customers

You can expand your product offerings with kitting fulfillment services without increasing production or sourcing new inventory.

Kitting allows you to use existing SKUs or items in your 3PL partner’s warehouse to create new SKUs.

This offering gives you the flexibility to boost sales with collections, gift sets, surprise boxes, and more.

Increase in the average order amount

Kitting and co-packing allow you to offer customers a broad range of products packaged in a unique way.

With the fulfillment kitting services, your customers can obtain a nicely curated set of sku’s with minimal effort.

Reduced cost through bundling products

Kitting is a valuable tool for reducing overhead costs.

A streamlined warehouse flow for kitting fulfillment means fast assembly and speed to market. Also, including items that are slow-moving helps eliminate dead stock and reduces your inventory costs.

Saving on shipping costs

Your fulfillment partner can help you save on shipping costs by kitting and co-packing several of your products into one shipment.

Your fulfillment partner can even optimize kits and their packaging for freight shipments potentially reducing shipping costs.

Choosing Kable Product Services for product kitting solutions

Opting for Kable Product Services means choosing a partner renowned for excellence in kitting fulfillment services. We specialize in custom packaging and kitting, meticulously crafting each bundle to meet your specifications and elevate the unboxing experience. Our adept 3PL kitting services are designed to streamline operations, offering a seamless integration with your supply chain. With Kable, you gain the advantage of precision, customization, and efficiency, all of which are essential for thriving in today’s competitive market.