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How Online Retailers Can Add Value with Packaging

The packaging you choose to send to your customers for the items they have purchased is an opportunity to market your brand.  Packaging can also offer functional values, for example protection of the items within.  Consumers appreciate creative and innovative packaging that resonates with your brand. The following ideas will help you make the most of your product and shipping packaging.


The value of a nicely packaged product that looks expensive and is well-designed implies to the consumer that the product is of high-quality, well-made, and has value.

Think about two packages that arrive on your doorstep for the same item, a high-end pen.  The first is a plain, brown cardboard box.  The other package is a high-quality material, colored box with the company’s logo written in embossed gold script.  Which one would you like to open?

Companies can present their product and drive home their brand through packaging to help enhance the customer’s buying experience.  This has an impact on revenue, as consumers associate good packaging with a good product.


Packaging that serves a purpose is always a smart marketing idea.  A few years ago, Birds Eye, the frozen food company, introduced steam-in-the-bag packaging, making cooking vegetables even easier, and consumers were excited to try it.  Consumers find innovative packaging that is also functioning very appealing.   Another example is large boxes that include a removable piece to create a handle, such as on a diaper box or soda can 12-pack box, making for easy carrying.

For a product that spoils easily, packaging that protects the item from air or other elements is important because no consumer will purchase from you again if their items cannot be used.  Similarly, fragile items must also be protected with proper packaging so they arrive undamaged.


Packaging can also serve as an advertisement at the point of sale.  For items that are sold in retail stores, packaging that stands out on the shelf has a greater visual impact on the consumer and a greater presence in the store.

Packaging is an opportunity to impart information to the consumer, such as a food product that is low in sodium, fat, or preservative-free.  The use of these words on the packaging not only makes the consumer knowledgeable about the benefits of your product, but also speaks to consumers who are looking for healthy alternatives, and makes a product stand out on a shelf.

Brand Identification

The packaging you choose is one way to further promote your brand.  Tiffany’s, the jewelry store, has done a great job of this with their classic light blue box with white satin ribbon.  Simple, elegant, yet so effective in relating what the Tiffany brand is to the point that the packaging has become synonymous with the brand.  Consumers make a purchase when a brand elicits emotional engagement such as this.

Great packaging can add value to a product, and be an incentive for customers to buy, by giving them reassurance that the item is a quality product.  At Kable, we provide customers with innovative packaging options that appeal to your customers.