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Dr. Squatch Scales Subscription Box Fulfillment with Kable 3PL Services

For subscription based eCommerce businesses looking to scale, partnering with a 3PL provider is the optimal fulfillment solution. It enables efficient order processing, streamlined logistics, and enhanced customer satisfaction, making it the best choice for achieving growth and success.

As you’ll see in this case study, this is the exact approach Dr. Squatch took after the launch of their subscription box service became wildly successful. By outsourcing their fulfillment, they could keep pace with an increasing customer base while maintaining a high level of customer satisfaction and order accuracy.

About Dr. Squatch

Dr. Squatch, founded in 2013 by Jack Haldrup, is a California-based personal care brand for men. The company specializes in products derived from natural and non-harmful ingredients, all produced in the United States. 

Jack was a software engineer who became an entrepreneur when he saw a gap in the market for naturally derived men’s personal care products.

The brand became very popular as its successful and humorous marketing campaigns caught the eye of those who identified with a need for sustainable body care products for men. 

In 2015 the masterminds at Dr. Squatch decided a subscription box service was a good fit for their business model, and it became a huge success. With the increase in new customers and monthly order obligations, in-house fulfillment was no longer a viable option.

It was at this critical point in scaling the business that Jack started looking for a complete ordering and fulfillment solution.

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Key Takeaways

Dr. Squatch is a successful personal care brand for men. The popularity of their subscription box service resulted in the need for a new ordering and fulfillment solution.
Partnering with Kable Product Services and Cratejoy was the answer for Dr. Squatch when the company started to scale its eCommerce subscription program.
Trusting Kable Product Services and Cratejoy to take on the behind-the-scenes subscription and fulfillment process allowed the Dr. Squatch team to focus on product development and their unique marketing approach.

Subscription Fulfillment Challenges Faced by Dr. Squatch

During the initial launch of the subscription box service, Jack tried to make do with the systems and infrastructure that were currently in place. While somewhat similar in functionality, the company’s eCommerce platform lacked many elements to run a successful subscription service.

Overall, management of the program became extremely difficult and was not user-friendly. The company struggled to get their systems to communicate effectively and everything from the billing process to product setup was becoming labor intensive.

Managing Order Fulfillment for a Rapidly Expanding Customer Base

As Dr. Squatch’s subscription offering gained popularity, the company struggled to maintain order fulfillment in-house.

This was when Dr. Squatch brought in Cratejoy to get a handle on the ordering process and deliver a smoother experience to their clients on the front end while alleviating the technology challenges on the back end.

With the use of Cratejoy’s API, Dr. Squatch designed the exact customer experience they envisioned, giving users more product variation and ease of shopping.

With the ordering process solidified, Dr. Squatch partnered with Kable Product Services to complete the order fulfillment.

This process involves seamlessly pulling in order data from Cratejoy so the subscription-based orders can be packaged and fulfilled according to the specific customer’s needs. Dr. Squatch offers several product options, and orders can either be auto-filled, randomized, or specifically chosen by the customer.

This variation in order packaging adds to the level of complexity required for fulfillment. That is why it was imperative Dr. Squatch partnered with an experienced 3PL, like Kable Product Services, to ensure orders are shipped correctly and on time.

Why Dr. Squatch Chose Kable Fulfillment as Their 3PL Partner

Scalability and Flexibility with Subscription Box Fulfillment

After launching its subscription box, Dr. Squatch quickly felt the growing pains of scalability with an influx of new customers. Managing this new service while maintaining consistency and quality in daily operations posed significant difficulties.

All that changed after they brought on Kable to manage their product fulfillment.

As a world-class fulfillment company, Kable Product Services is on top of ever-changing product demands. This involves handling increased order volume, precise inventory management, and ensuring order efficiency.

In addition, Kable Product Services is flexible when it comes to the need for space requirements.

Seasonality, new product lines, or market expansion can mean frequent change is needed when it comes to storage space. Accounting for these variables is an all-important strategy for a company like Dr. Squatch to ensure efficient product delivery year-round.

Kable had the infrastructure, technology, and ability to quickly scale logistics, allowing Dr. Squatch to continue focusing on the core of its business.

“Outsourcing fulfillment also needs to be about the obvious things like making your life easier and saving money. We’ve seen great results with Kable – lower fulfillment costs, better shipping rates, and faster delivery to our customers. The less I have to think about fulfillment, the better,”

-Dr. Squatch Founder, Jack Haldrup

The Impact of the Fulfillment Process on Dr. Squatch’s Growth

Increased Subscription Box Order Volume and Revenue

Partnering with Kable Product Services and Cratejoy allowed Dr. Squatch to grow exponentially.

By moving order fulfillment to a 3rd party, the Dr. Squatch team had more time to focus on product development, marketing, and ultimately growing the subscription segment of the business further.

Improved Customer Satisfaction and Retention

By trusting Kable Product Services and Cratejoy as service providers, Dr. Squatch developed an absolute order and fulfillment powerhouse for the brand.

Cratejoy made all order management effortless, while Kable Product Services streamlined the order fulfillment component. Kable uses advanced technologies to enable quick and accurate order picking, packing, shipping, and returns processing.

The refined efficiency of the subscription program vastly improved customer satisfaction and retention by creating a seamless end-to-end experience.

Fulfillment Centers like Kable Provide Enhanced Brand Reputation

When a company like Dr. Squatch partners with providers like Cratejoy and a fulfillment company like Kable Product Services, they are backed by experts who have perfected their business’s “behind the scenes” pieces.

While this is often considered secondary to product development and marketing, poor order and fulfillment execution can bring down the best products and brands. The combined effort of Cratejoy and Kable Product Services helped optimize the Dr. Squatch purchasing experience from add-to-cart to unboxing.

When businesses leverage fulfillment centers, like Kable Product Services, they benefit from efficiency, consistency, infrastructure, and advanced industry technology. These attributes contribute directly to consistent customer experiences and improved brand reputation.

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