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7 Reasons To STOP Doing Your Own Order Fulfillment

You are in business to sell, sell, sell… And then sell some more._MG_0691

The formula for a successful business is pretty simple. Retailers who grow revenue with better margins make more profit.

If you are an online retailer doing your own order fulfillment you’ve lost focus on your priorities. With one eye on packing and shipping boxes you are not doing all you can to grow revenue, and you definitely aren’t maximizing profitability.

Kable can help with the improving profit side of the equation so you can get back to what matters most – more sales.

Still not convinced?

Here are 7 reasons to Outsource Your Order Fulfillment:

  1. You have better things to do than pack boxes. Order fulfillment is an expense and not a core competency for your business. You exist to sell, not put things in cartons. A partner set up to do nothing but order fulfillment will do it more accurately and at less cost.
  1. You lack the technology. Running an efficient fulfillment operation takes systems – expensive systems. It’s very costly to be constantly losing track of inventory or shipping orders using the wrong shipping method.
  1. You make too many errors. Accuracy comes through better processes and experience. Errors are a big expense and just one can offset the profit margin gained by several other orders.
  1. You are spending too much on shipping. Working with a fulfillment partner often provides access to better shipping rates. Just a small savings per order will add up to big savings for you and can drop straight to your bottom line.
  1. And supplies. Dedicated fulfillment operations buy cartons and materials in bulk. Like shipping, these are savings that can benefit you.
  1. And space. Stop paying a fixed amount for rent on space you are not fully utilizing. When you outsource with an order fulfillment partner you only pay for what you use.
  1. Returns are important too. Returns are inevitable and being efficient with returns is just as important as being efficient in getting orders out the door in the first place.