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5 Big Advantages of Switching to Kable From Your Current Provider

Are you already working with a third party to help with your order fulfillment?_MG_0720

We can do it with more accuracy and at better rates. Our comprehensive and customizable solutions provide more efficient and affordable results for you  business and your customers.

Read the 5 reasons you should think about partnering with Kable Fulfillment:

  1. Our location saves on shipping. Our strategic facility locations put you close to your customers which reduces shipping costs and improves your delivery times. This makes everyone happy.
  1. Benefit from our experience. We’ve been doing this for 50 years, yet remain on the cutting edge of fulfillment and packaging technology. Our technology can become your competitive advantage.
  1. Single platform. It’s data that drives a successful program. Our multi-touch strategy combines the complexity of an omni-channel world into a single dashboard that makes running your business easy.
  1. We are a partner, not a vendor. This perspective makes us fully vested in your success. From a smooth start up to constantly striving to help you operate better, Kable is your company advocate.
  1. The best to do business with, period.

With proven experience, quantifiable results and the simplicity of services to assist your bottom line, Kable Packaging and Fulfillment is the only name you need to know when it comes to your packaging and shipping platform.