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5 New Ideas for Selling More Subscription Boxes

Once you have established your subscription box company, finding ways to keep new sales coming in can be challenging.  Consistent growth in sales, however, is a necessity to the future of your company. There are several things you can do to keep the selling momentum going, even as new subscription box companies enter the market daily.

Expand Your Social Media Content

You probably have a Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram page, but are you using them to the full potential?  If you are posting just to put something up there, you are not making the most of social media.  This is a platform for you to bring value to your target audience.  Make sure your content speaks to your followers, and you will be seen as the authority in your market.     Tip:  Spend some time interacting with your followers and share/re-post any of them using your products, as this is how you further grow your brand awareness.

Get to Know the Influencers

Every industry has their own group of influencers that have a network of followers that most likely far exceeds your following.   Reaching out to these influencers to get an endorsement on their social media page could amp your brand awareness triple-fold.   In order to get an endorsement, you send them a free box to have them sample it, and then post about it.   If you aren’t sure who the influencers are in your industry, research them using sites such as followerwonk.


Don’t have a blog yet?  Set one up, as soon as possible.  This is one avenue to further offer your customers valuable information.  A blog that speaks to your target market will retain and gain new customers; sharing it across your social media channels gives you great content.  It is also an effective way to increase your SEO if done correctly.   If you are not great at writing, hire someone who is.  Or, see if there is a potential partnership with a guest blogger, which is another great way to expand your brand’s reach to a whole new set of followers.

Coupon Codes

Consumers love to save money and a coupon code alone is enough incentive for some to make a purchase.    For those who may be new to subscription boxes or new to you as a customer, this is a way to get them to jump off the fence and buy!   Create a few coupon codes and test in different arenas so you can find what will work best in terms of initial purchase and then retention.  Sharing a coupon on sites such as RetailMeNot, and another on your social media channels will give you a good A/B split test to start.

Video Content

The goal of video content is to get it to go viral, thus increasing your brand awareness.  In order to do this, ensure that the video content is consistent with your brand.  Add a little humor or interesting facts to make the video engaging to your audience.  You may not feel comfortable doing this yourself, but there are plenty of people who specialize in it.


Increased marketing efforts such as these will lead to increased sales.  If your company needs help managing your subscription box company growth, please visit our website today at: Kable.com.