Marketing Tips for Companies Selling Supplements and Nutraceuticals Online

People are becoming more and more conscious of their health, especially with the number of health issues and diseases that seem to be running rampant throughout the world. Because of this, nutraceuticals and health supplements have been increasing in popularity. However, while the market and demand for these supplements have been increasing, so have the number of companies selling them. Because of this, it’s important that you go the extra mile to set your company apart from the rest of the competition. Here are some marketing tips that can help you to be successful when you’re looking at selling nutraceuticals and health supplements.

Create An Honest Product- This is a big one. There are so many supplements out there that claim to be something they’re not, and most of them are loaded with junk and fillers. While this might be a way to create a cheaper product, you also run the risk of being found out. All it takes is one review to get out to shut you down, not to mention put you in a whole mess of legal trouble. While it might mean that your product is at a higher price point, selling an honest product pays off better in the end.

Set Up a Monthly Subscription- Subscription companies have been growing pretty quickly, and with good reason. They’re successful. Having a renewing order for your customers is a great way to make sure they’re getting they’re supplements when they need them and makes it easier to keep growing your business.

Free Samples! Who doesn’t like free stuff? Sending out some free samples of a new product can help create interest (and therefore create sales) for other products. Including a free sample doesn’t cost all that much, especially when you’re sending it out with a delivery, and can be a great way to boost your sales.

Keep Products in Stock- You can’t sell what you don’t have. Not having products and stock can be detrimental to your sales, especially when you’re just getting started. Work out an proper inventory / on hand count and make sure you adjust it accordingly as you acquire more clients.

Packaging is important- When it comes to getting a delivery, it’s not just about the product anymore. Of course your clients are looking forward to getting their supplements and nutraceuticals, but having an attractive packaging can make a considerable difference when it comes to sales. Accurate and well made labels are a must. There are also certain requirements and disclaimers from the FDA that must be placed on labels for all supplements.

Get the Orders Right the First Time- There are few things that can annoy a customer faster than not getting the product. Not only will they have to wait until you can get the right product out to them, but you’re also stuck eating the return, shipping, and perhaps even a refund. What’s more is your company is only as strong as it’s reputation. While negative reviews will happen, as is human nature, too many will quickly ruin your reputation.

While some of these are common sense, any one of them can mean a death knell for your company. Making sure that you’re paying close attention to the details will allow you to build a more solid foundation for your business and be more successful in the long run.