Inventory Storage Solutions

Every business has inventory. And whether the amount of inventory you have is small, large, or somewhere in-between, you need somewhere to store your products. Self-storage is often a feasible option for smaller businesses. But as your business continues to expand and production volume ramps up, you can start to run out of room. What do you do then? At Kable Product Services, we can help you with business with our inventory storage solutions.

Businesses have plenty of options when it comes to inventory storage. Outsourcing storage and fulfillment to a dependable 3PL provider like Kable means that you won’t have to worry about storing, picking, packing, and shipping your orders. You can spend the time you save by outsourcing to focus on more important things, like expanding your business. And with Kable, Amazon FBA inventory storage fees are a thing of the past.

Kable is a reliable 3PL provider that finds innovative ways to help businesses meet and exceed their goals. Our complete and cost-friendly inventory storage solutions make it easy to store and manage your excess inventory. Key ingredients provided by Kable:

Affordable Pallet Storage for Client Inventory

  • $3.00 per week per pallet
  • Expedited in & outbound services
  • Ocean container processing
  • Volume discounts for larger inventory
  • No long-term contracts or hidden fees

Why Choose Kable?

We understand the importance of accurately storing and managing inventory. That’s why we offer inventory storage solutions that emphasize quality. Our storage and fulfillment center is conveniently located in Cincinnati, Ohio, which is within 600 miles of over half the US population. We handle inventory storage and management on your behalf, but that doesn’t mean you’ll be kept in the dark about your products. Our full-service customer management and fulfillment software package, K-OPS, provides accessible accurate and tracking so you can track your products no matter where it is in the process. We don’t change upfront or require long-term contracts. Our flexible pay-as-you-go payment method makes our services affordable for everyone.

Why Is Inventory Storage and Management Important?

Managing your inventory efficiently is key to a successful business. An organized inventory makes it easier to know what you have and don’t have in stock, allowing you to avoid overstock and overselling and keep customers happy. By limiting frustrating mistakes, an organized inventory also helps your business save valuable time and money.

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