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Getting Started with Subscription Boxes

You’ve just launched your subscription box business. You have a great idea, excited employees, and a lot of work to do. What’s next? There are a few essentials that will help you get off to a running start with your subscription box service, whether you’re selling beauty products or baby supplies and anything in between. These tips below will help you get off on a good foot with your customers, build a devoted fan base, and keep costs low.

Ready to learn a few essentials for your new business? Read on!

Make It Personal

Most people have a simple reason for choosing subscription boxes: they don’t have the time or inclination to shop frequently, and they’re looking for someone else to do it for them. Your job as a subscription box seller is not to make them feel like another face in the crowd. You can accomplish this in many ways. 

  • Have customers take a short quiz before buying and recommend a specific box that’s right for them. 
  • Find your niche—the kind of customer you want to attract—and lean into their unique traits. Marketing to “beauty lovers,” for instance, will get fewer takers than marketing to “environmentally-conscious girls with a flair for style.”
  • Continue the unique touches with a branded box or a fun bonus item now and then. 

Keep your subscription personal to keep your customers coming back.

Lower Customer Risk

When people try a new thing, they want to feel comfortable and safe taking the jump. This means lowering the risk for them. Subscription boxes can be challenging, as customers are often obligated to buy every month. Take some pressure off new customers by reducing this risk. 

  • Offer a slightly discounted first box, and give customers the option to opt-out if they don’t like it. 
  • Make sure your no-strings-attached policy is clear and well-marketed so that customers know about it. 
  • If you can afford some discounts, you could even offer a small sample box at no cost to first-time buyers. 
  • Host a giveaway on your social media platform to generate more interest. 

No matter what route you choose, find ways to pitch your new service as a low-risk investment for interested customers.

Build a Relationship

Relationships are what keep customers coming back, box after box. Even though you won’t be able to get on a first-name basis with every buyer (nor should you try!), you can still take steps to keep everyone connected. Consider sending out weekly or monthly emails with friendly tips centered around your service, or slip a handwritten note or thank-you into boxes. Encourage subscribers to share their stories and experience with your box on social media, and reply to as many as possible. It takes a bit of extra effort, but when you intentionally reach out to customers, you’ll find yourself reaping the rewards.

Count Costs Carefully

As a smaller business, you’ll need to consider your bottom line carefully. Track your costs and don’t be afraid to make a change if necessary. Administrative areas, in particular, are opportunities to lower costs without decreasing the value of your product. Boxing, packaging, and shipping your products, for instance, can cost an excessive amount. Depending on the situation, you might want to outsource these services for a more cost-effective solution. Find a partner who can pack and ship your boxes and work with you at a flexible rate. If you count your costs carefully and make changes in areas that won’t affect your overall product quality, you’ll find yourself with happy customers and a better bottom line.

If you’re just starting out with a subscription box service or already have a successful program, cutting costs might be on your mind. At Kable Product Services, we can help. We offer affordable, flexible shipping services that work for you. We can co-pack your boxes, store inventory, and ship to your specifications. Contact us to get a quote!