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How Subscription Box Companies Can Connect with Their Customers Through Email

For a subscription box company, the relationship with the customer is purely virtual.    Therefore, every digital interaction with the customer is a reflection and extension of your brand.  Email can be used in many ways to reach your customer base and keep them engaged in your company.

Welcome Aboard

When someone signs up for your subscription box, they should receive an email immediately.   You may even consider sending more than one email as multiple emails have been shown to be more effective than a single one.

According to a study by Iterable, 68% of the 100 sub box companies that were studied sent an introductory email, but only 28% of that sent more than one welcome email.    The study also revealed that the average number of emails sent to the subscriber list was 3.8 emails in week, which leads us to the frequency of emails.


Several mass email that have little relevance to your target audience will do nothing but aggravate your customers.  Be selective in how often you send, but also in the content that you are sending.  Otherwise, you run the risk of them unsubscribing from your list, and you want to build a positive relationship with your customers, not annoy them.

Build your Brand

Every email that is sent should be personal and relevant to the customer.   Emails should be an extension of your company by promoting your brand.   This is your chance to make your subscribers feel like they associate with your message.  One way to do this is providing them with a sneak peek of a product in an upcoming box.  Or, give a discount on a product that was featured in a previous month’s box.  Whatever the content, your emails need to add value to the subscriber.


Since your customers only receive a box from you once a month, email is a way to keep them engaged throughout the rest of the month.  Email will help you stay in front of the customer for the entire month, and leads to the customers’ anticipation and excitement of receiving their next box.   Again, this is about building an ongoing relationship with your subscriber base.

Customer Service

One of the most common ways your customers will reach out to you with issues is via email.  Make sure your response is sent as soon as possible, and is helpful and friendly in nature.  Receiving accurate and timely customer support is what your subscribers will expect.   You should alert the customer that you have received their email and to expect a response within 24 hours (this includes holidays and weekends).

Not every subscription box company has the ability to handle email services on their own.  There are plenty of solutions from a third-party customer service company, like Kable Fulfillment, or using apps or macros to fill in response emails automatically.