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How Online Retailers Can Grow Sales with Social Media

Nearly every consumer is participating in social media in some capacity so it is up to an e-retailer to capitalize on it to grow sales.   The content of social media posts is just as, if not more important, than the platforms you use.   With a little effort to create valuable content to your customers, the payoff in growth can be significant.

Build your Brand

Your brand is who you are, but more than that it represents the values the customer associates your business with.  A strong social media presence reinforces your brand’s message and allows you to highlight the unique features of your business.  Every post should reflect the message your company wants to send to your customer base and potential customers.

Buy via Social Media

Sales via social media are growing at a faster rate than any other online channel.  Allowing your customers to buy directly from the social media platform they are using makes the selling process easy and efficient.  “Buy” buttons featured on several social media platforms make for seamless and secure purchases.  For example, if you host a store on Facebook, you can hold special Facebook sales, display certain merchandise, and interact with your customers.   They can purchase directly from the store, or now even via Facebook Messenger.

User-Generated Content

Think you need to rely on content that only you have created?  It turns out that user-generated content is just as powerful.  According to Business Insider, consumers who come across user-generated content are 97% more likely to purchase as compared to those that don’t.  Images where customers feature your products are preferred three times more than professional images on product description pages.  Authentic visuals by real customers are invaluable to increasing on-site conversions.


Promotions via social media undoubtedly create buzz for your business by attracting both new and returning customers.  It is best to use a social media platform for creating exclusive deals or sales, which helps to drive traffic.  This is especially important if you have a seasonal business to take advantage of your busiest time of year.  The key is to make sure the promotion gives customers value so they are likely to react to it.

Find your Audience

Social media provides your business with the opportunity to reach your target audience.   Instead of trying to reach everyone, social media enables you to find the right people who are interested in your products and services.  Adapting your posts to your target audience can increase interest in your business.   Knowing who your audience is and how they are reacting to your social media presence is invaluable.

Listen to your Customers

Social media is the perfect outlet for understanding your customers’ needs and wants, and whether or not you are meeting them.  The trick is to wade through all the information to find the conversations that matter.  Brand listening is a way to gain insights by compiling and analyzing conversations about your brand and competitors.   Investing in software that analyzes and reports social media activity through text and visual content is one way to make this task manageable.

Social media is a relatively inexpensive way to promote your product or brand.  Done correctly, it can lead to growth in your business.   The key is creating content that engages and provides value to the customer so they can relate to your brand.