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Customer Care: How A Call Center Will Increase Sales

Every conversation with a customer is a chance to sell more.Customer Care

Is that your approach to customer care and how you manage your call center?

If it is not you are missing out on a big opportunity for your business.

First – call centers should be improving the customer experience. Businesses spend so much time and effort on packaging and the buying experience that is a mistake to let a bad customer experience sour their perception of your company.

Average call center employees are good at resolving customer issues, and moving on to the next call. This makes them fast – but you should expect more.

Great call center employees resolve issues fast, but take it one step further in two ways:

  1. They make the customer feel taken care of – through real empathy, understanding or whatever it takes, the customer feels good after the call. No matter how right they may have been to be upset.

Maybe they prevent a return, which is big. Returns are not just lost revenue, but lost future sales, extra costs for processing the return and most importantly a bad customer experience.

  1. They are able to identify other opportunities with the customer in the course of the discussion, and present them in a compelling way. They don’t just problem-solve, they sell.

So how does a call from an angry customer who wants to make a return become an opportunity to sell more? It’s all about how the client feels once they hang up the phone with the call center. If they feel satisfied, they’ll likely buy again. If they feel their issue is unresolved – they’ll NEVER be a customer again.

Stop a return. Upsell.

Win a customer for life.