Container Processing

Does your business ship products overseas? Smaller businesses can ship products individually on a per-order basis, but if you have a large amount of inventory to send out, your business most likely uses intermodal containers (also known as shipping containers or ocean containers). But preparing these massive containers for overseas shipment isn’t always easy. That’s why Kable offers affordable and expert container processing and containerized shipping services—to simplify the overseas shipping process without straining your business’s budget. Key ingredients provided by Kable:

Benefits of Container Processing

  • Receive and process ocean containers
  • Inspect condition
  • Unload or palletize items
  • Store it forward pallets
  • Ship to Amazon

What Is Containerization?

You might have heard the word “containerization” before. But what is containerization, exactly? Containerization is a system of intermodal freight transport that makes use of ocean containers of standardized dimensions. These containers can be loaded, unloaded, stacked, and transported long distances and from one mode of transport to another without needing to be opened before they reach their final destination. The containers are handled mechanically using machines and kept track of by special tracking systems.

This system of transport is extremely beneficial. It eliminates the need for manual sorting and warehousing, reduces the amount of time it takes to ship products overseas, and even reduces product damage.

Why Choose Kable?

Kable saves your business time by handing the most time-consuming parts of the container shipping and receiving processes on your behalf. This way, you can focus on growing your business instead of worrying about the small stuff. We receive and process ocean containers before sending them to Amazon for shipment. Kable is also equipped to receive inbound containers, inspect them, and even unload them. Have pallets that you aren’t quite ready to ship? We can also safely store pallets for the future.

Our commitment to speed and quality, convenient central location, cost-effective and flexible payment options, and dedication to providing businesses with the most innovative and effective solutions around make Kable a great partner for all your container processing and shipping needs.

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