Information Technology

Kable gives you real time access to all your program data: orders, inventory, shipment tracking – everything. What information is important to you?

We know actionable data is what drives a successful program and our priority is to give you visibility into what you need. The Kable IT team is focused on ensuring a smooth, error free data integration and providing the in-depth reporting capabilities that let you manage what’s important.

  • Complete end to end order management solutions
  • Complex data exchange integrations
  • Always available, real time program data analytics and exception reporting
  • Web based order tracking and inventory management
  • Easy shopping cart integrations
  • PCI Compliant
  • Flexible, custom solutions
  • In-house IT support

Kable supports your program with best-in-class IT support with the tools and experience to make implementation simple and each campaign a success.

Kable provides complete fulfillment & co-packing solutions, plus:

  • Fast implementation and start up
  • The lowest shipping costs
  • Flexible schedules and low rates
End to End Solutions

Kable puts the pieces of your Puzzle together by offering:

Kable Services Graphic-Whole Process-01

What are your fulfillment and Co-packing challenges?

We provide customized and comprehensive solutions, with a commitment to easy startups and low costs.

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