Subscription Box Fulfillment

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Subscription boxes are a popular way to make your products accessible to a broader audience and a tried-and-true method of increasing brand awareness, creating loyal customers, and even promoting new or seasonal products. But managing subscription boxes and continuity programs alongside the rest of your business’s daily operations can be tricky. That’s why you need a reliable 3PL partner who understands subscription box fulfillment and shipping. The demands of your business are unique. Most 3PL fulfillment centers are not set up to efficiently manage subscription boxes and continuity programs and will have a hard time meeting, let alone exceeding, your business’s needs and expectations. Kable knows what goes into a successful subscription box program and has a subscription box fulfillment center that’s fully equipped to handle subscription box and continuity programs. Our reliable fulfillment, storage, and shipping solutions keep you profitable, while fast order processing makes your customers happy. Key ingredients provided by Kable:


Central US shipping location


Fast Shipping


Low Fulfillment Rates


Fast Startup


Easy System Integration & Online Reporting


Electronic Order Processing and Tracking


Expert Packaging Design and Services


High Receiving And Accuracy Standards

Shipping represents a large portion of a subscription box company’s budget. And it is also one of the most important customer service aspects of a subscription box service. After all, you want your customers to have a positive experience every time they receive their box. Product damage and late arrivals are something every business wants to avoid. Kable’s top-notch subscription box fulfillment and shipping services ensure your subscription boxes arrive on time and in exceptional condition.


Personalization is one of the key components for subscription services. Because Kable is a subscription box fulfillment expert, we can help to optimize your shipping costs without sacrificing any of the quality and personal service your customers have come to expect.

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Kable has improved how we operate and the service we are able to provide.

– Jack Haldrup, Founder at Dr. Squatch Soap Co.