Data and information are as much a part of your business as product and packaging.

This means the flow of data between you and your fulfillment partner has to be a priority. Working with out-of-the-box solutions (like shopping cart programs) or custom applications, we’ll seamlessly integrate with you to ensure data gets to where it needs to be, when it’s needed. Kable gives you real-time access to all your program data; orders, inventory, shipment tracking – everything.

We know actionable data is what drives a successful program and our priority is to give you visibility into what you need. The Kable IT team is focused on ensuring smooth, error-free data integration and providing the in-depth reporting capabilities that let you manage what’s important.

Complete end-to-end order management solutions

Complex data exchange integrations

Always available, real-time program data analytics and exception

Web-based order tracking and inventory management

Easy shopping cart integrations

PCI Compliant

Flexible, custom solutions

In-house IT support

Integrations and Partners