Selling online is more competitive than ever, low-cost fulfillment and shipping is what your customers demand.

Their pricing and minimums were the most conducive to a newer, young business.


-Brandon Rubeo, Quest Hockey

The benchmark online shoppers have for the service they expect from your online store is very high. If you cannot provide fast and low-cost shipping you cannot compete. Kable delivers competitive fulfillment and shipping rates that keep your customers coming back – while keeping your margins too.

Once we scheduled a visit to the facility and met the team, we left very confident they’d help and have our backs along the way. Our site, including our cart, is completely custom and has an API connecting to Kable’s system. We have some backend reporting capabilities built into our site and utilize Kable’s automated inventory and back order reports to review.

– Brandon Rubeo, Quest Hockey

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We are proud of what we’ve accomplished for Quest Hockey. If you are shipping at least 500 orders per month, we can the same for you.

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