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Kable is great to work with, I would recommend them to anyone.


– Jon McSorely, Kroger

Companies are looking for creative and flexible co-packing solutions. Even companies with the size and resources of Kroger can have projects they are not set up for to handle internally. Others can strain already stretched operations and the problem becomes too much overtime or trouble finding enough space. Kable provides a range of services to help Kroger – as well as other CPG companies and Retailers in Ohio, Kentucky, and Indiana – with additional services like shrink wrapping, labeling, and pallet and end-cap displays.

Through the years we have done most of our display assembly in-house. It has become difficult for us to find enough temporary help to support the increased sales demands. We have had good success working with Kable. Thus far in our business relationship, they have run as efficiently or better as we did in-house. We are beginning to challenge them with greater amounts of inbound products. We are also challenging them with multiple projects with shorter timelines. So far, they have done a good job for us. Kable is helping us get through our seasonal events and so far has met the deadlines for our sales events.

– Raymond Grady, Kroger

I have no problem recommending Kable, they help us with projects like end cap displays, sourcing corrugate, twin-packing items, and shrink sleeves (which just became a new requirement for us). When we need it, they help with design and assist by making suggestions to improve our approach to projects. Our initial reason for engaging Kable was we were running out of space to manage our business and were incurring unnecessary overtime, and aren't set up to store a lot of product. Kable even helps to consolidate outbound loads with our sister divisions, which helps us save on shipping costs. We value Kable’s experience – their team is knowledgeable, extremely organized, cooperative, adaptable, and always help at a moment’s notice. They’ve been great to work with.

– Jon McSorely, Kroger

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