Co-Packing Services

Kable has grown to be the most trusted Co-Packing provider in the region

Co-packing demands custom and flexible solutions that create the right presentation for your products. But, cost and speed to market matter too. We are experts working with planners and forecasters to sort, organize, and manage projects. Key ingredients provided by Kable:


Central Cincinnati, OH location


Point of Purchase Display Assembly and Stocking


Shrink Wrapping


Receiving and Accuracy Guarantees

Display Design & Reconfiguration


Kit Building



Expert Packaging Design and Services

Why Choose Kable?

The process of assembling all your products into their final packaging is time consuming, especially when you’re swamped with orders. Wouldn’t you prefer to spend that time elsewhere? With a reliable co-packing partner, you can free up time to focus on other aspects of your business. Kable offers co-packing services that make it so you can worry less about co-packing and focus more on growing your business. Why choose Kable? Here are a few reasons why you should rely on Kable for all your business’s co-packing needs.

A Reliable Partner

Co-packing requires a partner who can create efficient kitting, bundling and multi-pack solutions based on your company’s ideas and requirements. We work with you through the entire process from procurement to customer delivery to create results that meet and exceed your expectations.


The demands of your business can change fast so you need flexibility. This is where Kable excels. As your volume increases, so does the amount space, time, and attention to detail you need to get things done to meet standards. Kable can get the job done accurately offering warehousing space, custom kitting and bundling and quick turnaround times.

Affordable Co-Packing Services

You know setting up the infrastructure and processes for co-packing is expensive. Kable offers complete and affordable co-packing services in the USA that allow your company to manage costs while providing operational efficiencies – all without having to hire extra staff and invest in additional equipment and resources.

Read How Kroger Improves Packaging with Kable

...they have run as efficiently or better as we did in-house.

– Raymond Grady, Sr. Planner, Kroger