Subscription Box Companies

We are SUBSCRIPTION BOX specialists.

Managing and growing your subscription box company keeps you busy enough. So is the stress of fulfillment and shipping really the best use of your time and energy?

You face competitive pressure to provide unique products at low prices and with fast delivery. Working with Kable is the best to way to BE SURE your packaging and deliver costs are the lowest they can be. We save clients an average of 35% on their shipping rates.

Read how one subscription box company increased their profits over 22% while reducing cancellations – CLICK HERE.

Kable’s technology, experience, and pricing help you standout in the competitive subscription box marketplace by keeping fulfillment costs low and deliveries fast and reliable. Here’s how:

  • Low shipping rates with our SmartMail solution
  • Easy shopping cart integrations
  • Parcel shipping optimization
  • Best in class inventory management software
  • In-house customer care team
  • Real time order and activity reporting
  • Complete returns management program

Every subscription box company’s fulfillment needs are unique. Kable builds solutions that give you a competitive edge, with accurate and fast service for your customers.

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