Premiums & Sampling Programs

Premiums and Sampling programs represent your company and your brand. It’s important to do them right.

These types of campaigns represent a big investment in money and time. The goal is a help your brand and grow your sales – but a poorly executed project will have the opposite effect. When a new product launch is executed poorly it is an opportunity wasted, not just wasted money. Our customers include medical, financial, publishing clients and many more.

Kable’s technology and experience helps to ensure your investment pays off. Here’s how:

  • Sweepstakes, rebates, & contests
  • Real time program analytics and performance measurement
  • Membership and subscription gift programs
  • Low pricing with reliable service
  • 1 day standard delivery to 80% of the US population
  • Best in class inventory management software
  • In-house customer care team

Every product launch or sampling program is as unique as the product itself. Kable builds solutions that make sure your programs work.

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