Catalog sales has changed a lot in the last 10 years – have you kept pace?

It is fair to say that there are no catalogers who have not felt the impact of the internet and its affect on how consumers buy. These days, your catalog is just one part of a multi-channel sales strategy. This means managing inventory and operations must be integrated with your entire distribution network.

Kable’s technology, experience, and pricing will set you apart in the crowded retail marketplace by keeping your costs low and your deliveries fast. Here’s how:

  • True multi-channel fulfillment; your catalog, store, Amazon, eBay… anywhere
  • 1 day transit to 80% of the US population
  • End to end order management & payment processing
  • Easy shopping cart integrations
  • Parcel shipping optimization
  • Best in class inventory management software
  • In-house customer care team
  • Real time order and activity reporting
  • Complete returns management program

Every company’s leverages the different sales channels in different way. Kable gives you a true multi-channel fulfillment strategy to fit your unique needs. 

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