“Our suite of services is designed to support customers with an integrated approach to their product fulfillment and marketing program requirements. We appreciate and value the trust our customers place in our team and capabilities, and proudly view our client’s success as our success.”

– Michael Duloc, Kable CEO


Kable puts the pieces together.

Kable Fulfillment provides superior quality and flexible options combined with lower cost solutions, to its customers. Headquartered in Fairfield, Ohio, Kable has built long-standing relationships with clients – small to large (Fortune 500) helping them meet their customer’s guidelines.

In addition to our streamlined, state-of-the art fulfillment solutions, we also offer a variety of co-packaging services:

  • Variable work schedules to meet your production demands with our 12 flexible assembly lines.
  • Multitude of assembly technologies; such as: automated shrink tunnels, over wrapping, skin packaging and blister packaging.
  • Excellent performance record completing high volume and demanding customer production requirements.
  • Documented Quality Assurance program to maintain our customer’s high standards.

What are your fulfillment and co-packing challenges?

We provide customized and comprehensive solutions, with a commitment to easy startups and low costs.

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